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The word covenant means contracted or agreement; and every time God has made a covenant or agreement with man, he has always sent a witness. We must first begin with the contract of creation with Adam in Genesis 2:15-25. Adam and Eve were charged with populating and subduing the earth, taking dominion over the animals, and caring for the garden of Eden. They were freely allowed to eat any of the fruit in the garden, but they were instructed not to touch the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Then came the Big lie from the serpent when he asked Eve in Genesis 3:1, “has God indeed said you shall not eat from every tree in the garden?” Satan is always trying to put doubt into man’s relationship with God. The reason it was a lie is because God had said that he had created man in his own likeness. Remember, God had already warned Adam and Eve what would happen. He told them you will surely die, meaning our moral likeness to God also died. Adam and Eve were crushed with sin. They felt guilt and ashamed. They hid from God because they were afraid of the one who loved them. They began striking out at each other with accusations of whose fault it was. What most people do not know is the serpent walked upright before the curse and was one of most attractive animals in all creation. Now, when most people see a serpent, they think how hideous and don’t want to be around them! Just to give you an idea of what could have been; instead of most people having dogs for pets, they would have had a serpent, because they would have been able to talk with them. If Satan had not used a serpent, women would not scream in fear when they see a serpent, but fear is ingrained into their memory. Also, when most attractive women see another beautiful woman, they think she is seductive to their boyfriend or husband, because it ingrained in them what the serpent, did to Eve. Now I would like to quote Genesis 4:14-15, “So the Lord God said to the serpent: Because you have done this, You are cursed more than all cattle, and more than every beast of the field; on your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust all your days of your life, and I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” Now, please note verse 15 is the first prophecy of Jesus the Messiah. About seventy years had passed and God told Noah that human wickedness was so rampant on the earth, so much so, that He was ‘sorry and grieved’ that he had made man. Genesis 6:6, Yet we find depravity meets grace. Even though humanity deserved God’s anger, God provide Mercy to Noah and his family because Noah was a just man that walked with God even though the earth was filled with violence. God looked at Noah as perfect in his generation. He told Noah that he was going to destroy this cancerous civilization and give man a new start with his family. Noah built the Ark in faith to save his family. The ark that Noah was instructed to build was 450’x75’x45’ and took Noah and his three sons 120 years. Just to give you a comparison, a U.S. naval aircraft carrier of World War 2 was 800’x90,’ carried 100 planes and thousands of crew members and took 40 million man-hours to build. When Noah was not working on the Ark, he had a full-time job of preaching to the sinners to try to save them from the great flood that was coming. They would just laugh at him and call him a crazy old man! Now to have the tree of knowledge of good and evil explained. When Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and to eat from that tree, man lost his relationship with God. He was now a sinner and God is a Holy God and mankind was banned from the garden. Mankind was now given a conscience, or a moral truth, to discern both good and evil or the voice of God. In order to help you understand what happened to Noah’s generation I would like to tell you two short stories, but before I do let me quote Apostle Paul, 1 Timothy 4:2, “speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron,” and Philippians 2:13, “Therefore my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who works in you to will and to act for His good pleasure.” In the year 2017, I wrote a note called “Is it not written.” In it I tell that I had just seen my first Pastor that I had not seen in many years. The Holy Spirit asked me to tell you why I was so grieved. Unlike over 40 years ago when he was my pastor, I did not have the gift of discerning of spirits. I first saw he had a very prideful spirit of how good a pastor he was. After we talked for a short time about what he had been doing, I gave him a card with the title of my book “Prophet of God, Write This Down” and told him it was on Amazon as an e-read. I told him it was a true story and noticed the spirit of fear come on him. He started peppering me with questions like who told me that I was a prophet. Then I saw the spirit of deception. It’s time to give you a hint on how the gift of discernment works. There is no way you can be neutral in the kingdom of God. You are either for Jesus or against him. If you are proud, you are automatically against him. Your life will be yielded against everything he wants to accomplish. I would like to make something very clear. If pride is the greatest sin, then humility must be the greatest virtue. Now when Jesus was ready to give his life on the Cross in John 13:34 Jesus said, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” Every detective wants to know the modus operandi which means, a method of pattern of operation of a single criminal or crime. If we look at the M.O. we find it goes back to Satan. Remember, he used the serpent to deceive Eve, to put doubt into her relationship with God. Remember, my first pastor went back to the Old Testament to tell me how I could not be a Prophet because I needed a predecessor prophet to induct me into that office. Jesus was the only one who told me I was a prophet. For that reason, is why I quote Deut. 18:15 that tells us of the great prophet the Lord Jesus Christ, He alone knows the future. We have to understand, he had been referring to the agreement that God made with Moses, and now were in the agreement that Jesus paid for with his death on the cross! We are now called the Church of Jesus. There is only one star in the church and that is Jesus, the head of the church. Now, I can testify because I’m a prophet because Jesus said I am, and the Holy Spirit confirmed it by signs and wonders that follow me as in Acts 14:3. Now remember me telling you how I saw the spirit of fear and then the spirit of deception. That was because at that very moment his conscience told him I was. Yet, he chose to lie to divert my attention to the Old Testament. What he did not know was that I could hear the spirit of pride and deception talking to him. He felt guilty because the Holy Spirit would nudge him to help me, but he would choose someone else to favor. Now he was afraid of me, just like Adam and Eve were afraid of God who loved them. So, he chose to steal my faith and to sabotage my relationship with Jesus. At that time, he was 86 years old and had taught religion most of his life. Religion makes you think you are better than someone else, but the gospel of Jesus teaches that we are saved by faith in Jesus and mercy and grace, not how much we know or how hard we work. Shortly after this happened, he went to stay in a nursing home. I had thought that God made the serpent crawl on his belly all the days of his life, what would he do to him? He was a very nice man, but he did not follow Jesus’ commandments to love others as he loves himself. You see, he loved himself more than the truth. I wrote about him in my book in 2000, when he was my pastor 40 years earlier. I had told my pastor the Holy Spirit said he was giving me the gift of healing. About two weeks later he told me that if someone said they were sick, then he would call the whole church to come up and pray for them and I could come up. If it was a woman, my wife could touch her, and I could touch my wife. If it was a man, I could touch him and pray for him. I said okay, but on the way home from church, the Holy Spirt told me he was going to move me to a new fellowship, and I was moved a few weeks later. I found out later in my ministry that a lot of minsters were just like him. They also wanted to manage God’s Holy Spirit. They wanted to reverse roles with the Holy Spirit. They wanted to tell God and not listen to God. You see, they are just like Satan who thought he was smarter than God. You see he was so smart, but I did not lay hands on anyone unless they asked me to do so. God’s Holy Spirit would show me what was wrong with them in my spirit and I would tell them, and that would give them faith to be healed. My first pastor still had the spirit of selfishness, and when we are saved, we are given the nature of the Holy Spirit, the spirit of love, we will love others as ourselves. Love will never look at someone’s skin color and judge them, because Jesus died for them the same as he died for yourself. As I was writing this note, the TV news was on and college aged people were tearing down our national monuments, burning buildings and cars, killing police officers, and protesting to defund our police departments. The Bible teaches that our police officers and our military are agents of God. They are placed in our nation to protect us from evil. Then it was just on the news that the city council of Minneapolis just voted to dismantle their police department but paid $63,000 to private security for 3 council members, the vote was 12-0. But Jesus said treat others the way you want to be treated. If they wanted security, they should have not voted to take it away from their neighbors. All the city council should be removed from office under moral turpitude as being contrary to the rules of morality of their fellow man and society. On June 24, 2020, the Governors of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, ordered a quarantine from people coming from 8 states, all having republican governors except North Carolina. North Carolina was supposed to have the Republican National Convention on August 24. Now you don’t think the same people that have lied over three years trying to impeach President Trump would try to sabotage these 8 states by putting covid-19 in grenade cans made to look like soda cans? The only way you might be able to detect them is by the people carrying them would have a better mask then most. They would open a can of soda, set it down, and walk away, and let the virus out in about 30 minutes. All of these states had protests about 14 days before; Alabama was June 13, Arkansas was June 3-5, Arizona was June 10-14, Florida was June 13, North Carolina was June 5, South Carolina was June 6, Utah was June 5, Texas was June 2-15. Now, we know why these protesters were trying to tear down our historic monuments, because they had everyone watching our monuments and not the grenades that were dispensing the virus, and without our national heroes we would become just another third rate nation. Without history, we will never learn from our mistakes, and I would have never known that Satan tried to do the same thing to Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus when he was appointed to go to the cross. The church is Jesus’ physical body on earth. Ask yourself, would Jesus mandate placing covid-19 patients in nursing homes to kill their elderly? Or to cut a billion dollars from the police budgets so his people could be raped, mugged, and killed? Would he dismantle the police so evil could prevail! Remember me saying I wonder what the Lord would do with my first pastor for violating the commandment to love his fellow man? After thinking about it, I wrote in my book about his denomination being a cult. A cult will always have a leader that is equal to God, and their general overseer was equal with Jesus. Jesus said judge and you shall be judged. I too was tested just like my first pastor as I was watching the protesters do all the damage to our Nation, harassing our police officers, yelling at them, and shoving them. I noticed that most of the protestors were white, but the commentator was calling them black. Then he pointed out how the protestors were not wearing masks and they were not distancing 6 ft. I became angry and a thought came to my mind that they needed to catch the virus for what they are doing to our Nation. The Holy Spirit reminded me that it was not my thought but Satan speaking to my mind. He reminded me that Jesus prayed for the people who were nailing Him to the cross, because he knew that it was Satan driving them to do it. They thought they were crucifying a blasphemer (he was irreverent to God), but He was God who came to die for the very people who were crucifying him. Then told me that the person that was responsible for paying to bring this virus to these 8 states was a billionaire contributor to the democratic party that paid college students to protest, and thugs to terrorize America. So, in my heart if Jesus could die for them, I could pray for them. And remember it was Obama that said when he was president that America was no longer a Christian nation. As my first pastor’s denomination was a cult, the democratic party is also a cult, and their leader that is equal to God is ex-President Obama. The wealthy contributor emigrated from Europe after Nazi Germany occupied his country. He is of Jewish decent, and afraid of President Trump because Hitler preached nationalist and President Trump believes every American should be proud of their nation, because this nation has saved many nations all around the world from dictatorships. President Trump knows that a country divided will fail. The difference between Hitler and President Trump: Trump loves his fellow man and Hitler wanted to rule over them and be their Lord. Hitler wanted to kill all the Jewish people because they killed Jesus Christ, but that was just an excuse to kill the Jews. The world owes the Jewish people thanks and appreciation, because of their prophets, we have great insight into God and our relationship to God. I started writing this note to show how all God’s prophets were so accurate thousands of years later, how all the countries are in place. Some of these countries only had a few hundred people when God’s prophets wrote about them, and now they have millions, and one of them boasts of a two hundred-million-man army. The democratic party has decided to use this virus as a rope to hang President Trump and the republicans the same as Judas Iscariot tried to use Jesus to overthrow the Romans from Israel. But I would like to leave you with the thought of 2 Kings 6:17, when the Syrian King sent his vast army to arrest God’s prophet Elisha one morning. Elisha’s servant stepped from the house to fetch some water and noticed that they were surround by a vast army of men. He went running back in the house, yelling for his master with his skin soaked from sweat. They have come to kill us! Then Elisha, in a very soft and calm voice said, do not be afraid, there are more of us than there are of them, yet the servant was terrified as before. Elisha prayed that God open his eyes. In a moment, his servant could see God’s Angels, they were Giants with flaming swords. He went back outside yelling they better go back and get more help and he started laughing at them and how puny they looked next to God’s Angels. There’s a satanic spirit called fault finding that is alive and well in the democratic party. I had to confront this spirit as a pastor, and it is caused when we are unwilling to forgive others and forgive ourselves for our mistakes. That is because of our pride. I told you the story of 2 Kings because I want you to know there are more of us than there are of them, and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, but what is important is what Jesus thinks. How happy we will be when we hear him say welcome good and faithful servant! I have made thousands of predictions and I don’t think I have ever been wrong. No man can say that unless God is speaking through him. I’m just an ordinary man who read the Holy Bible and believed it and asked Jesus to be my Lord and savior, and have the Holy Spirit come and live in me, and have his liberty in me. If someone is healed or a miracle occurs, it is not because of something I knew or did, but it’s what Jesus did on the cross by allowing any man to be forgiven, and have their relationship restored with the living God. The people who want to change some sport teams’ names or are angry because someone does not agree with what they think is right, get over yourself. For you are not God! You are just a little puny person. I’m thankful that attitude will not be going to heaven. For the only attitude that will be in heaven is love and forgiveness. The attitude of pride, unforgiveness, and selfishness will be going to a lake of fire to join their lord Satan. Yet, we can join our Lord Jesus in his thousand-year millennium and I’m the witness that he sent to welcome you, ahead of time just like he sent Noah and John the Baptist.

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