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Good VS Evil: and why no one is afraid of Jesus Christ!

Because no one is afraid of, Jesus Christ I would like to take you to Revelation Chapter, 11 The two Witnesses, Where the Lord sends his two servants to confront his enemies! Read Revelation chapter 15, When we read Chapter, 15 we; find that the lord has prepare for the last days= bowls filled with God’s anger called God wrath, or vengeance, a bowl that is the prayers of the saints mixed with God’s anger in chapter 15, You will see John the Revelator peered into heaven and he sees: seven angels, who will deliver the last seven prayer bowls, the church has been safely taken to heaven, to hide them from God anger. On Command from the two witnesses, the seven angels pour out the bowls of Gods anger on the followers of the beast 16:2 Sores break out on the followers of the beast and everyone who received the mark of his name on their right hand or forehead. and every living creature in the sea dies, all the fresh water turns to blood, the sun flares and blister’s brake out on mankind skin, and many will curse the name of Jesus Christ. As I write this: Hamas has just attacked Israel, this was prophecy being fulfill by Jesus own lips, that God used, we must always remember that Jesus was a Jew and we are his church, we are also Jewish that are adopted into the Jewish family of Jesus, because we have the blood of Jesus protecting us from the anger of all demonic spirits of the devil. We must always remember that the Jewish Nation gave us, all prophecy of the Holy Bible, so I going to quote from the Book the Lord had me write in 2000 called “Prophet of God write this down!” In the chapter called Who is this False Prophet? God calls her hypocrites, fool, vipers, Great Harlot, or prostitutes, mystery, Babylon, Abomination of the Earth. If you remember: Jesus says what he means, and means, what he says, for instance in John 13:34 Jesus commanded that his church love one another. In the Year 2000 Jesus: came to my House and called me, to be his Prophet; he was very complimentary to me, He told me how, every time I was insulted, or spit on, or insulted I would just smile and instead of calling someone a liar I would just say don’t insult my intellect by expecting me to believe that! and I told him I was just trying to follower him, because he was God and he treated everyone with respect and I had read when Michael the arch Angel was disputing over the Body of Moses, and he just said the Lord rebukes you, and he was an Arch Angels that was in the present of God: night, and day, and dare not to make a slanders remark, because even the devil was created by God, so I always chose to just say what I mean and mean what I say, because Jesus was God, and that way he was! I was always so thankful, when someone try to strike me, they could not hit me, have you ever seen Muhammad Ali in his Rope-a-dope, he uses it to make fun: and I use it for defense, I did not even have to try, my reflex did it for me. I always thought, that the way God: made me, because He knew I need that. I was not even afraid to be hit, because I knew God was on my side, because the other man would be so confuse, that he could not hit me, they would just quit in frustration, and one time one hug me, and apologize to me, because he was trying to take my head off one minute earlier, I later found out by: the Holy Spirit that I was given Moses spirit before I was born; that why, I had this special ability, and why I always had a smile on my face because I had the grace, and mercy, of Jesus Christ in me. If you read Acts, Peter and John healed a cripple, that was cripple from birth, then Peter says in Acts 3:12 “Men of Israel: why does this surprise you? Why do you stare at us, as if our own power, or godliness, we had made this man walk? The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the God of our father, has glorified has servant Jesus. You handed him over to Pilate; though he had decided to let him go. You disowned the Holy, and Righteous one, and asked that a murder be releases to you. You killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead. We are witnesses of this, by faith; in the name of Jesus that heal this man. In my book Prophet of God write this down! The Holy Spirit dissect John Vision of Revelation 17:9-14 John was carried away in the Spirit to a wilderness: meaning an uninhabited region, unsuitable for human occupation, and a place of desolation, a place of in proportion evil, a place where demons and devils run unchecked. A woman was setting on a scarlet beast meaning she is controlling him; this is the world next dictator, or the anti-Christ meaning the anti-church will be controlling him for a while. The word scarlet means crimson red: meaning that she is riding the beast, with seven heads, and ten horns, then John said: she was clothed: in purple, and scarlet. The color purple represents commerce and means great labor was required and that only royalty, and wealthy, people could afford it, purple robe was placed on Jesus in jest to make fun of his claim to be a king. And we also notice the robe was cover with the blood, of the saint, of God’s children. Then she adorned with gold: means she seeks power thru Satan Then she adorned herself with gold, meaning she has power of attracting, a force to draw people. Precious stones mean she also a prophetess; of black magic arts, Pearls means she divides and separates, taken from word par ad. Then in her hand she held a cup full, of abomination and the unclean things of immorality. This means that he is now saying that Jesus is (NOT) the son of God that this new world dictator is the real messiah, and that people that believe in Jesus, are being deceived, and that this new world dictator has all power, that he is God then she is full of immorality, meaning: that she has deceived the world of eternal life thru Jesus Christ, and that she is happy, she is enjoying it, and gratified. Then we see written on her forehead. A mystery meaning, she calls herself church, that she supposed to be married to Jesus Christ. Then we see the word Babylon. Meaning she has drunk, the wine of religion, of Devils, demons, the word is associated with demons like the way Detroit is associated with cars or the word wall street is associated with the stock market, then we see the word great: meaning that she is worse than any time in the past. Then we see the word mother of Harlots, meaning she was engaged, to married the Son of God, and she has found a new lover, and that she is whoring after a new God, she is choosing to have a lewd relationship with Satan instead of being a loving wife to Jesus Christ. And the word mother means she is teaching all her children to do the same thing. Now we see the caption Abomination of the Earth meaning there has never been a time in the entire history of the world like this. The reason I am show you this is because: This was written in the year 2000, and I want you to know everything that was said, in that book has happen for instance because it said global warming was just a scheme to shift America wealth from the tax payer to a small group of get rich schemers! I wrote that God had made the universe in such a way that it will protect itself, with little help from man, look at China, how their prospering, and while were shutting down our coal- fired power plants, their building more, and buying our coal and paying to ship it to them. While we have stop drilling for oil, they buying oil from Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, which makes the price of oil to go up, and the America tax payer must pay more for everything they buy. Which that book also said, we would have Hyperinflation, and it also said our police officers would be treated like the SS of Germany of Hitler, for just doing their jobs to protect and serve. And how our Politician would be selling, our country to the high’s bidder, their an old saying Tho, who do not know history are bound to repeat it! And the prophet Daniel told us about every kingdom in world history and told us about the Roman empire when it was just a little village along the Tigris and told what would happen to them, then said in the last days, they would arise from history, and implode again, and they implode because, all they care about was their selfish- needs, like feeding Christian to the lions, in the coliseum and soaking Christian in oil, and setting them on fire, to light the emperor garden at night, because he wanted to ,see his flowers at night, he had no concept of anyone other feeling’s or pain, or death, kind of like those they put in prison in the Washington DC jail without a trial for Jan 6, the point I ‘am trying to make if they love their brother and sister, this would not have happen, God use the word Abomination to describe offence to him it means detestable to God it made up of five Hebrew words, stink which refers, which means odious smells, despised, or hated as water polluted by dead fish, if you would ask a Palestinian; they will tell you that an Israel person: stinks because they hate them, their detectable to them, because their better than any Israel person, That why Jesus said I give you a new commanded to love one another, Jesus knew that the spirit of hate was a demonic spirit, God made us all, and when we thank were are better than anyone, else we have a demonic spirit, let look at congressman Matt Gaetz, because he know, we will implode as the first Roman Empire did because of our nation debit. In 2000 the Lord God had me write Letters to Seven local churches, and the Holy Spirit just ask one thing, that they come together and worship and praise Jesus Christ as their Lord, and King, and he told them, if they would, He would heal everyone and a three block area, where ever we met, but they would not, then he allow me to ask him any questions, then later He told me that he knew they would not, because their denomination was their God and they hate their brothers and sisters in Christ, because they broke Jesus commandment they will missed the rapture and have to be treated like slaves of the Devil. In 1978 The Holy Spirit had me start a new work so I opened the Full Gospel Assembly of God Church in Pekin Il and we seen; all the Gifts of the Holy spirit in action, and soon I was called before a board and put on probation, for not getting permission before hand, later I found out; my state superintendent had order it done, because another Evangelist in their denomination had a similar ministry to mine, Later he had been arrested three times for drunk while driving, and remove from the Assembly Of God, and the superintended spend a couple years in prison for fraud, you see I would never take wages for my ministry, and the other Evangelists was a psychic, and all his gifts were from the demonic Spirits, the Holy Spirit told me our ministries were not even similar, the only thing he was interested in was how much money he could: collect from the congregation’s, and I was Interested in pleasing our Lord God Jesus Christ. The state Superintended was release from his 6-year prison term because of health reason, then died. You see he was just like the other Evangelist, their money, just send then to a lake of fire with their God the Devil, when Jesus comes back and setup his earth kingdom, and they will stand before our king Jesus, that they betrayed, by stealing from the God that died: to save them, from the lake of fire. If they shall confess that Jesus is Lord of Lord and King of King and he will say Go away, I never knew you. Let me say Our country owes Rep matt Gaetz, and Donald Trump, a thank, you for the loving their fellow man, because the only way to serve their fellowman is to be hated by the Devil and his children. I wrote a lot more but I want you to know what the Holy Spirit said and he cannot lied, because, He is Jesus spirit! and I want you to know one thing, all thru the history of the world, God has intervein In men’s life, the prophet of old told with great accuracy, days months and centuries in the future what was going to happened, the world would get upset with God prophet’s, because the devil whisper in the world ear’s, that God prophet made it to happened, that they willed it to happened, but a prophet is just an ordinary man that God talk thru: God’s prophets have been beaten killed, because what they say come true: and the Devil often whisper in his children ears that God prophet is using witchcraft to do it, by using spells and incantation’s or bewitched, charmed, hexed, or black magic, or white magic, We have to understand, that the devil is a liar, and he knows that God will only use humble men, that only wants to glorified God, and he trying to take God glory and put it on himself; the Devil, by accusing God prophets of doing what he is doing. We need to know why we hate others? If we are going to a lake of fire for it, let take a quick detour back to Abraham’s day, Sarah was Abram wife and barren, and wanted a child with her husband and it was culturally acceptable for a slave women, to give birth to a child and it be her child, then if later she give birth to her own child, that child would become the legitimate heir, and Sarah talked Abram into this culturally accepted practice, but this stress, God and Abram relationship between God and Abram, we can learn a great deal from this story. We learn that the Palestine people like and believed in contracts, we find out that God and Abram already had a contract in Genesis 15:9 God had told Abram bring him a three-year-old heifer, three-year-old female goat, a three-year-old ram, a turtledove, and a young pigeon. I want you to notice, God first met Abram where he was at, a meeting of the minds, than the devil got Sarai in the middle, that like getting in the middle of Mike Tyson, and Evander Holyfield, because there is just a little cowhide between these men, and why would Sarah, get in the middle; get in the middle of Abram and God, She was tempted by the devil, because she wanted a child, but we find out that God is a loving father, that also honors contracts that he makes, God told Abram in Genesis 15:5 “Then He brought him outside and said look now toward the heaven and count the stars if you are able to number them. So shall your descendants be.” And he believed in the Lord, and He accounted it to him has righteousness Abram love God, and Sarah wants to use God for her selfish reason to boost of her motherhood she wants to be like other women with children, a child to live thru. What we find is that Abram wanted to serve God, and we find that the only way to serve God is by believing him, and Abram believe him and so we find that the children of Israel, are his, and he had told them, that they would be slaves in Egypt for 400 years and then they would be set free, with Egypt wealth; and that God would be Israel protector, and we see Ishmael was born to Hagar, Sarah: Egyptian maidservant. Ishmael is the father of the Arabs, with whom Israel still experiences conflict. Then in chapter 21 Isaac was born to Sarah, gave birth to Isaac she was 90 and Abram was 100 year old and God commanded Abram name be changed to Abraham, meaning father of multitudes, so there would be no misunderstanding He knew Abraham, love Ishmael, as God love him but, Isaac was the covenant-promise he- was born from a dead womb, from a women of 90 years old so God order Abraham to cut Ishmael off, not to abandoned, but to make clear God promised to care for him and make him a great people also, but to make sure just as Abraham had to choose. We see in Hebrew 11:17-19 God new agreement God make it clear only by Faith, can we receive anything from God When God tested Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice He knew that thru Isaac that the world savior was going to come thru the one and only Son of God ‘Jesus Christ’ and he love Isaac but knew that somehow God would raise him from the dead like, when Isaac was born from a dead womb of a women of 90 year old. I want everyone to know, that Jesus made a contract with me, after I give my life to Jesus Christ, There were three prophecy given over me, saying that God was calling to the ministry, I first protested, that I was sorry, although I believed in Jesus Christ, I could not: because I did not know anything about God, or the Bible, So God Holy Spirit told me, He would make an agreement with me, if I would read the Holy Bible every day, and pray, every day in the name of Jesus, and fast before every meeting, that all I had to do: was just open my mouth, and he would speak thru me, and I had just read, that Balaam was rebuke by a donkey, a beast without speech in 2 Peter 2:16 and my ministry was born, because the Holy Spirit was talking thru me, I witness miracle, after miracle, because Jesus, spirit was teaching thru me, my dominant gift: was the gift of Knowledge; that knowing something supernaturally, the Holy Spirit would allow me to see, what was making someone sick, or ill, and most would look at me with big eyes, and ask how I knew that? and I would answer, that I did not, but God Holy Spirit did, and he show me in my spirit! that how I told them, I was just an ordinary man that, God chose to show me, so I could tell them to give them faith to be healed, and I enjoyed telling them because I knew that; they would be healed, because: now they had faith to be healed, and I told them, so now they would love Jesus as I loved him. You see the credential I carried in the Assemblies of God was a Christian Workers Permit I believe I was only the third person to receive these papers, everyone else receive papers for graduating from their Bible colleges, I was considered unlearn or uneducated like the twelve disciples of Jesus, That why; when Jesus come to my house in 2000, to call be to be his prophet, I told him, I did not like his Church very much, And he replied No you do not like religious people very much, because they were the ones who put him on his cross, but his church loves him and everyone, and because of their love, the gates of hades will not overcome his church, they are not the ones that kill, and hate, other religions, because love is always respectful to others, always helpful, always mean well to other, take a stray dog, when you first see them, they’re afraid of you, but when they see; you do not want to harm them, they’re your best friend. After he told me that: I realized when I was a baby, unable to craw, walk, or talk, my dad whipped me with his belt, because he was a very religious man, and I was innocent, and depending on everyone, for mercy, and grace, and religion hates God, and hates innocents, and they have to show their power, and authority, and be was being like Abram, when he was willing to sacrifice Isaac, he was showing God: that he was willing to discipline his son. You see in religion, we have to be good enough; you see their working their way, into heaven. But in God all thing works for our good, because now we don’t have to sacrifice animals, because Jesus Christ died for all, so we can live in love. What was meant for Evil, God use for good’ If you read Isaiah 53:5, by his stripe we are healed, when he whipped me, God give me my ministry, of Healing, people are not healed by my stripes, their healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ, but he uses me: to point to the stripes of Jesus Christ. I’m showing you this, because Jesus said the Gates of Hades will not overcome his church. But when he whipped me, I was traumatized; and I studder until after I started grade school, and it made me hurt for other children, that was weak, or hurt, or sick, or Ill. It made me care about others, if you read my Blog, Joe Biden and the Democratic: would you go to Hell for me? when I told my sister Shirley, we grew up in a cult, and she became angry, and told me, she would not dare say such a thing, that what Apostle Paul warn us about in 2 timothy 3:5 when he said they would have a form of godliness but denying its power. Now we know what the book Prophet of God: was all about, We now know that I’m a prophet, because God said that a prophet has to be correct one hundred percent of the time, and if you look; everything the Holy Spirit predicted happen, just as I wrote, you see if you read: when I asked the Holy Spirit Question’s, he said that he knew the seven church would not do, what he ask, because Jesus Christ was not their King of King, or their Lord of Lord, or God: that their denomination was their God, and so there will be many, that do not make the rapture of his church, and it would be the same thing all over our Nation, Jesus church is simply faith in Jesus Christ. You will soon see the new world dictators come on the scene he will be from Europe, and he know what do, he will sign proclamation, that anyone killing a Jewish person, will be put to death, and their entire family will also be put to death, mother, father, grandfather, granddaughter, and I want everyone to notice, all the people, that are against the Jewish Nation, but the whole world will applaud! Because they will think peace, peace, then he will sign, an edict that allow the Jewish temple: to be rebuilt, then he will sign another edict: allowing everyone great, and small, to have a computer chip installed in their forehead, or right hand, so that their cars or any vehicle cannot run without permission: from our authorities, that will stop car jacking’s and people being assaulted, and injury and innocent people from being extorted from. Because our government will be the greatest criminal. Do you remember I just told you the antichrist would now have an attraction to draw people to him I would like to tell you how the Russia and Iran Will finally go too far and be brought to the justice by God, In my book I tell how that I will be martyred, after three an half years, after the church is taken into heaven, that will be the sign to the world, that the ceremony for all the martyrs throughout all history has begun in heaven, this ceremony where Jesus Recognizes the heroes; of our faith that made the extraordinary sacrifice: their life for Jesus Christ. If you remember my blog, Tested, I give a phone number, and my cell phone carrier cancel it, on their own, come to find out I was bombarded by Tel marketers and scams, and fraud calls that I had to stopped all calls except those in my contacts: remember the devil is no threat to us, but is allow to be a nuisance to us: kind like a gnat, one day I had 26 nuisance calls in two hours, so I need a congregation to help me, minster to the true church of Jesus Christ, so I have a new Gmail and give your name and phone number and I will called you back, I know that there a lot of churches in need of a pastor in central Illinois, because of everything, going on in our nation, and the world. And be a wittiness, that there only one Lord of Lord and king of King and help me to love everyone as Jesus loved them that He give his life for each and every one, of us. I also know that we starting into the greatest downturn the world has ever seen and many large churches will not be able to afford their buildings, the only one that will be able to afford it, will be the true church of Jesus Christ, and so where ever I go, we will grow like the first church add to daily not because of me because of Bible Prophecy. Because will people will be searching for the real church of love of Jesus. You see Jesus was perfect and only the perfect can love the imperfect, remember Jesus said we will be without fault or wrinkle, so we need a perfect Lamb, that only God could provide. And that was God only Son. We have to Remember that were all little Sheep, among wolves but God loved us so much he gives us a great shepherd, his own Son. And Jesus gave us his Spirit.

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