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Joe Biden and the Democrats and 51 Republicans declare War on Jesus Christ’s church on December 13,

They were fulfilling Bible prophecy! that Says: that this is Man final rebellion against God! Because God says it an abomination for man to lie, with a man and women to lie, with a woman. Otherwards (Extreme disgust or hatred) For in Romans 1:18-23 “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature- has been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorifier him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles. Now I would like to remind you of my Ministry: when I was called to the ministry 47 years ago, the Holy Spirit called me to the ministry, I was very shy and told the Holy Spirit, that I was too ignorant, of the Bible to preach or teach from the Bible, and my first message, I prepared my message, and I was back in the pastor office at church, and drop my notes, and I thought I’m just too nerves, or scared, to preach, so I thought; I know what to do, I will just leave, so I stood to my feet and made 3 steps to leave, and the Holy Spirit said to me, If you run now, you will run all your life, and I replied, but you; do not understand I’m scare! I cannot do it, so he answered: I will make an agreement with you: all you must do is just open your mouth, and I will put my words in your mouth! I would like to say, I was good to go, but not me! I was still very scared, and I went out to the auditorium and my pastor interduce me, and he laugh, about how scared I looked, and I thought if you only knew, you would carry me out of here: so, I open my mouth; and words came out, and I was so happy that I had not faint or claps to the floor. And soon, I was an evangelist, and everywhere I went I would see Healing and miracles, my dominant gift of the Holy Spirit is the gift of knowledge, that knowing thing supernaturally, Everywhere I went most pastors would ask, If I just sit around and read commentary all the time, and all I would ever read was the Holy Bible, and pray, and fast, and when I open my mouth, and the Holy Spirit would speak thru me. Now what most people do not understand is when God made the heavens and the earth, he made it such a manner, for instance, he made the law of gravity, anything that go up must fall: to the ground. For instance, if you fall off mount Everest, and die, who fault is it? Yours for disobey the law of gravity, or Gods. The same thing, you drive down the highway going 80 mph in a 55 zone, and a police officer, stop you and ticket you, for driving 80 in a 55mph limit, who fault is it, yours, or God’s? you can take it to court and the Judge will tell you, ‘It your fault, paid the fine, plus court cost.’ For instance, under the ten commandments no one was allowed to touch the Ark, in 1 Chronicles 13:9 “they were moving the Ark When they came to the threshing floor of Kidon, Uzzah reached out his hand to steady the ark, because the oxen stumbled. The Lord’s anger burned against Uzzah, and he struck him down because he had put his hand on the ark. So, he died there before God, in v 11 David was angry because the Lord’s wrath had broken out against Uzzah, David was afraid of God that day and asked, “How can I ever bring the ark, of God to me?” He did not take the ark to be with him, in the city of David. Instead, he took it aside to the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite. The ark of God remained with the family of Obed-Edom in his house for three months, and the Lord blessed his household and everything he had.” When I Was an Evangelist, I had two pastors tell be, that they did not believe in scarring people into heaven, and I was puzzled: why they, would they say such a thing, as that because Timothy, say to preach the word in and out of season, then warn us, with we do not, their blood would be on are heads. I thought about those two pastors, they were like the pastors of Joe Biden, and all the democrats and the 51 Republicans, pastors that did not want to hurt anyone feeling, but we are to be like Moses that help the Lord shepherd his flock. And it makes me wonder if they did not know the assigned service, of an evangelist. See if you read Joshua 24:25-27 “On that day Joshua made a covenant for the people, and there at Shechem he drew up for them decrees and laws and Joshua recorded these things in the Book of the laws of God. then he took a large stone and set it up there under the oak, near the holy place of the Lord. See! He said to all the people. ‘This stone will be a witness against us. It has heard all the words the Lord has said to us. It will be a witness against you if you are untrue to your God.” Now look at Genesis 19 the destruction of Sodom Gomorrah. Notice: that stones rain down on Sodom Gomorrah, the depravity of the city, when two visitors visited Lot, Abraham’s nephew, we find there a cult of homosexuality, that were going to rape the visitors, that were Gods angels. That where we get the word sodomy First there was an earthquake that release natural gas and bitumen causing sulfur charcoal magnesium to rain down, I can testify, that would be the closest, you can get to fire and brimstone, because it causes a fire that never quits burning that why Sodom Gomorrah is now cover by water in the south end of the dead sea. All these ingredients would turn Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt, because she disobeys and looked back. As I write this note, the news come on, and said that 51 people had lost their lives in the storm in California from flooding, the fifty one, the same number of Republicans that voted with Biden for respect for marriage act, making it a law that makes it unlawful for churches not to marry same sex couples, that why I said the democrat were picking a fight, with the church of Jesus Christ, most will think, what did California do, in the covid 19 Christian could go to the laundry to eat, bar to drink, houses of prostitution, but was not allow to set in their own car and tune their car radio to a certain stations to hear the word of God, evidently Gov Newsom had never been told about Luke 19:37-40 “The whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen: ”Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” Peace in heaven and glory in the highest” some of the pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher rebuke your disciples, I tell you he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stone will cry out.” Gov Newsom: that was to you, or anyone who tries to silence his church the next storm will be an earthquake like Sodom Gomorrah that will stone you. Because God has put all nonbelievers under the ten commandments. Read “understanding the prophet of fire, that I wrote under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Afterall have you not read, in Roman 9:32-33 “Why not? Because they pursued it not by faith, but as if it were by works. They stumbled over the stumbling stone. As it written;” See I lay in Zion a stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall” and one who trusts in him, will never be put to shame.” Them 10:1-21 Over twenty-three years ago when the Holy Spirit called me to write “prophet of God write this down” he showed me a vision and I was at a pulpit reading these words and God split the pulpit in half before everybody eyes, and everyone were slain, everybody in a three-block area in the Spirit, and God healed Everyone, including all dogs, and cats. Is it not written in The first commandment, no Gods before me, you were safe all your life because we all lived under Grace and Mercy, because of what Jesus Christ done on the cross, but if you stop my people from worshiping the living God, you ‘become an enemy of the cross of God almighty’ and will put you in the lake of fire and brimstone, with the Devil and his demons. Before Christ we would be judge for every period, or comma, out of place. Let me give you an example: After I give my life back to Jesus 46 years ago, I was at a hotel on business and went to sleep and had a nightmare, in my nightmare I had died and I was standing before the judgement seat of God, and the prosecutor, the Devil said: this man cannot enter heaven because he a thief’ and just as I was getting ready to dispute his charge, ‘he said I had stolen a roll of paper towels from the Railroad, and I thought I never done that. Then he said: that a co-worker had put them in my grip, they cost 80 cents new but there they were, just about used up, so I took them out of my grip, and put them on my work bench, because I had gone on vacation for 3 weeks and forgotten about them. And I thought I’ going to the lake of fire and brimstone for 20 Cents, not even a quarter, now I did not have a body, but I felt weak all over, and my legs were going to claps I could not stand up, them I remember, that I was just a soul, and them I heard a loud voice saying Father He mind, I already paid for all his sins, and he can receive my kingdom, because his faith is in me. and when I got home, I made a special trip to return that small roll of paper towels to the railroad. But that a perfect example of mercy and grace. Before I quote John let me quote commandment number 7, Do not commit adultery, number 8, do not steal, number 9 do not give false testimony, number 10, Do not covet, When Jesus was confronted by the teachers of the law and pharisees saying Teachers as they made the women stand before them. John:4-11 “this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the law of Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say? They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a base for accusing him. But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, if any one of you, is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her,” Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground. At this, those who heard, begin to go away, one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they?” Has no one condemned you? No one sir,” Jesus declared. Go now and leave your life of sin.” I would like you to notice what Jesus said: (Go now and leave your Life of sin) and what Jesus said to them, let the first one without sin, because if you have sin that make you a hypocrite because he untrustworthiness and id caught up in image then truth. Now Do You remember my note the most dangerous time in history to be Alive in 2021, Where I said That Pope Francis would come down with stomach cancer, because he was playing politics like Judas Iscariot. This is why. After S.F. Archbishop denial of communion to Nancy Pelosi then Pope Francis gives her communion at the Vatican, it shows Jesus Christ is the only one that can forgive sins, the CEO at State Farm, for not loving his fellow man, to pay their claims. Jesse White Secretary of State of Illinois would come down with Stomach Cancer. The reason: because he in charge of the rotunda and he allow a holiday art display of Satanic to be setup next to nativity, next to Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. Then I said that a bunch of Republican would join with the Democratic, and it would be because they were bribed, I would think 51 would be a bunch. That voted for the Respect for marriage Act that God said were bribed that was Aug 10, 2021, Now Jesus said treat other the way you want to be treated, and the democratic and Joe Biden accused President Trump of the same thing Joe Biden is being accused of now, but if you read my note the most dangerous time to be alive. You will see That Joe Biden will be found Guilty, and Trump will be reinstated, and all who vote against Trump will be given a death sentence. Because Biden and the democratic have declare war on Jesus’ church, because homosexual is abomination to God because he a Holy God they think that any pastor’s that will not marry a same sex couple would be sued, and Biden and the democratic are trying to force the church to close. So, Jesus Christ is going to make these democratic and 51 republicans to cry for forgiveness, Biden and the democratic are upset because they were denied communion. So, the rest of us have to put up with storms, like tornado, earthquakes, hurricanes, that why I said the democrats and these 51 were given a death sentence Because God is a holy God when he made the universe in such a way, that when it became so evil that plagues and storms, will be triggers to deal with the evil, like in Revelation 5:8 15:7 or 16:2. Like the Bible says Sin seen good for a short time. just like the 51 people who lost their lives in California, from the floods, because Governor Newsom would not let, God’s people meet, to make these prayer Bowls. Governor Newsom was not the only Governor but he the one I chose for this example. Like Jesus said, if his people do not praise him, then the stones will cry out, and he show us at Sodom and Gomorrah, is what he meant. I wrote in revealing the Prophet of fire how fire would come out of his mouth to consume his enemies with fire, and you will find that the fire that come from their mouth will have the same Ingredients as God used on Sodom and Gomorrah, If you think the respect for marriage act is just no incident, Joe Biden is taken his orders from the Devil, and watch and see how he come out, he should be as scare as the first time I preach, because, God’s arm are long, there no place to hide, and you can’t see him coming. For instance, you can know that Joe Biden did not see this coming, although I wrote about it in 2017, in the note: why gain the world and lose your soul, or my note the most dangerous time in history to be Alive that I publish in Aug 9, 2021. Or Isaiah wrote about it in Isaiah I:21 over 900 years ago, “See how the faith She once full of justice; righteousness used to dwell in her but now murderers! Your silver has become dross, which means trivial or inferior which means ESG Environmental social- Governance. Which is the forerunner of the mark of the Beast, which is digital currency, when a computer chip, will be place on your right hand or forehead so you can buy sale, or trade. And if you take it, you will be doom, because you are excepting the slavery of the Devil. Just like I ask a woman, if she knew what an occult was. She answered, by giving me a name of a religious organization I replied: Yes it was, but that many thought that Jesus was an occult because, he was healing the sick, and doing miracles, the pharisees and teachers of the law called Jesus Beelzebub the prince of demons as in Mat 12:24 what an Occult means, they do not recognize anyone else views, other than their teachers, kind of like the democratic party, and if you disagree with their teacher; them your Satan, or his helper, they will give you their leader view, and the matter, should be settled! the reason we except Jesus as the Christ; is because he had to fulfilled over 300 different prophecy to be called the Christ. If they can’t give you scriptures, then it just their opinions, that why I always try to give scripture, a lot of people are afraid of me because I have a supernatural ministry before; I give my life to Christ, the last time, nearly fifty years ago I was reading the Bible, and I read something that I thought was incorrect, and I said under my breath, that was wrong, and I heard a voice in me: that said, no it not, and I said I know it wrong, because I was taught different them that as a child in Sunday school, and the voice said although, there are many names on different books, in the Bible, there is only one writer, and that is the third name of the trinity, the Holy Spirit, and he will (not) contradict himself. So now: when I do not understand something, I ask in the name of Jesus Christ. And the Holy spirit will always give me scriptures. You see: He told me, before: I was conceived in my mother womb; he called me to be a Prophet, them when Jesus come to my home in 2000: to call me to be a prophet, He told me the same thing. That why abortion is evil, because we are not allowed to play God with someone else life, when Jesus, was born, they also try to kill him, and when we abort an unborn child, we might be killing God’s next leader, that God sent to help us. I seen my old high school girlfriend this last summer, when I went to my aunt funeral, in Michigan come to find our her and her husband own the cemetery, where my aunt was buried we were one of the last cars to get to the cemetery, so all we had to do is wait for a couple of cars, to back up so we could back out, so she came up, to help my older sister to back out, and got in the car to back the car up, because there were stones beside the drive, and my younger sister was setting in the back seat with me, said to me, do you know who that is? and I said no, then she said that Lydia, my high school girl friend, so I ask her, if she remember a boy name Everett Dorris, she Laugh and said she did! Them I told her, that I had not recognize her neither, then we talk a few minutes and left, then later my younger sister call her and ask her, if her and her husband wanted to meet us for coffee or to eat with us? and she said no, that her husband had fix supper for her, and I felt bad, because, I enjoy seeing her, not in a romancey way, but as an old friend, after I went to my older sister house, and went to bed, the Holy spirit: said to me, that she was embarrassed, and I thought she look nice, for I had not seen her in 60 years but she had aged nicely, then he said: do you remember years ago: you had a dream and you were preaching, and there were two women in the congregation, and one of them wanted the other, to ask you; to pray for her baby, and the other said no, then I told you, who they were, it was her and her daughter, and you called her pastor and ask if she was alright, and he told you that her granddaughter, had to go in, for open heart surgery, and you pray for her, and her granddaughter, and I had done a miracle for her granddaughter. Then he told me that I misunderstood, then ask if I remember when Jesus had come to my home, that I was excited, but you told him, you were not worthy; that he would come to your home, you felt so unworthy that the God, of all heaven and earth, would show you that kind of attention. You enjoy every second he was with you, you love being in his presence, and you had never felt love like that, in all your life, that was a little how she felt, that you must be something special, that God of all heaven, and earth, would have that kind of relationship with you, and it also written, that a prophet is without honor in own hometown. And I was back where I grew up. But let me make a correction I had seen her in my dreams, when I saw her, she looked Just like she did a number years ago when I saw her, in my dreams and I found out her Granddaughter, was a teenager at the time, and not a baby. And I wrote in my book in the 2000, that, there is not a global warming, just a political scheme to divert money to the democratic party, a bank robber named willie Sutton, back in the 50, was ask by a reporter, why he robber banks? and he reply; that where the money is! and the liberal media were bragging about how the democrats always stick together, have you ever heard the phase, as thick as thief? Like Willie Sutton said: Government is where the big money is! And if you look at the book of Revelation Apostle John said that our government would be a Harlot or a prostitute. on sale of their soul or rented by bribes for favors. God created the world in such a fashion, that it will heal itself. It for rent by K street. You see Joe Biden must be removed by his own words, our congress wants to pass a consumption tax, instead of an income tax, which would make the United State the envy of the world. Because it would take bribes and payoff out of politics. We are in this mess because, of Joe Biden and the democratic, who were taking bribes from the drug cartels. That why he will not let the border control do their Jobs. Just like gossip, is what make a pastor job so bad, because that the devil choir, to tear God church apart. I always feel so bad for a Pastor wife, she married the man she loves and is hated, because the devil wants to close the church, they will not go after the pastor, because everybody loves the pastors, so they must pick on her. I would like to close with the story in 2 kings 6:17 When the Syrian King had sent his vast army to arrest God’s servant Elisha, and the story goes something like this. Elisha’s servant arose one morning to fetch some water and as he stepped from the house, he noticed that they were surround by a vast army of men. Horses and chariots, there were troops everywhere. The servant went running back inside the house yelling at the top of his lungs for his master Elisha, they come to kill us.” His skin was soaked from sweat; he looked like he had just seen his own death. But the prophet Elisha said in a very soft and calm voice. Do not be afraid there is more of us, than there are of them” but Elisha’s words seemed to have no effect on his servant, he was just as terrified as before. So, Elisha prayed that God would open, his servant’s eyes so he could see God’s vast army of heaven, suddenly, his servant could see God’ Angels, they were Giants with flaming swords, this writer can see the servant’s expression change from fear to courage, now he was outside yelling at the Syrian army, you better go back and get some more help! Then he started laughing at them. For thinking they could come up against God’s army of Heaven Let this writer say, when you see the Army of heaven, you also would have been encouraged. You also would have been excided. You also might have started yelling, and been tempted to tell Satan, you better go back to get some more help, because me, and my Lord Jesus are not playing Church any longer, were going to have Church. My prayer is my Heavenly Farther open your Son’s Jesus Christ’s churches eyes and let them see His vast army and let them understand that the only way that we will see victory is in Him, Jesus has command to Love one another. If you could see His army, you would never ever fear anyone or anything again because one angel can destroy any army that man can put together, but let me say, we have a commander and chief and his name is Jesus Christ, and in his word, he has given us precise battle plans, and in his Bible, I hope you can see it. We have a lot of privates running around trying to be Generals in any army the private does not tell the commander and chief what to do, but he takes orders, and our commander and chief has told His army to love one another, because He knows with love, everything is possible. Church there are terrible times about to come upon the earth, there will be times, so bad that man will beg to die, but death will be taken away. I pray that you see, the only way we can do anything for the Lord, is by loving and praying for one another. So, this writer challenges you this day. Choose this day whom you will serve some man-made religion or the true living God, Jesus Christ. We talk about occults, that what the democrats party has become, they trade truth for lies, you have to agree with everything they think, that why they have declare war on the church, and hate everyone who disagree with them, Jesus taught love, they teach

hate anyone who disagree with them, are their enemy, Do you remember the story in Samuel chapter 4 when Philistines capture the Ark of God and the Philistines start getting sick from tumor all over their bodies, so they had no authority to have the ark, they capture it, because of sin in Eli family, but philistines were upset because of all their sickness they had, so they were trying to find away, of giving it back to Israel, so they decided to pay tribute to Israel, to take it back, you see It blessed The Israelite but it had to be handle under the guidelines that God set down and the Philistines were not authorize to touch it, Just like American economy, Joe Biden and the Democratics stole the election from president Trump, so we now have hyperinflation, shortages, division and our country

hatred for one another, it all started, because the democrats decided they had to get Rid of president Trump because he close the border, and the democrats stop getting their pay offs from the drug cartel and human traffickers, so now they have to get rid of Jesus Christ’s church, because they will not bent, their knees to a man-made fraud scheme, now you know, why the Prophet of fire is here, because he has supernatural gifts, for instance Fire from his mouth, to devour Jesus enemies. You must understand That joe Biden think the church, is just an organization with rituals, he thinks if he attends mass once a week, he good to go, although he does not, but Jesus said the church is not even be an organization, but its faith in Jesus in Matthew !6: 13“ When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, who do people say The Son of man is?”

They replied, “Some say, John the Baptist, others say Elijah: and still other, Jeremiah one of the prophets.” “But what about you?” he asked. Who do you say I am? “Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus replied, Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah for this was not, revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Peter! and on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” Remember Roman 9:33 Biden and the Democratic stumble over the rock of faith of Simon Peter. That why God show it to his Prophet in my note’s no 1, Why gain the world and lose your soul? No2, The most dangerous time in history to be Alive! No 3, The Unveiling! GOD’S MASTER PLAN!

The God who created the Heaven and Earth operates in sevens. It means perfection or completion. There are seven seals, seven Trumpets, seven vials, sevens

years of tribulation on earth, seven Churches, seven golden candlesticks, seven days in a week, there are also seven Festivals to guide God’s children and to show us that God is God and He has a plan and is able to make it come to pass. They also illustrate profound spiritual truths of God plans. The Hebrew word for Feast means a set time or appointed time. All the Festivals coincide with two seasons of rain. Hosea 6:3 says the Messiah would come to us like the winter rain, like the spring rains that that water the earth” The Spring rains are Passover, Unleavened bread, First fruits, Pentecost Hosea is saying that the Messiah would come twice to earth, and the first four Festivals parallel His first coming, and three of the Festival parallel His second coming. If you want to read it all, look at the last pages of “Prophet of God write this down.” This book was written to seven churches in Pekin Illinois, the only thing they were asked to do, is meet together,

and worship and praise Jesus Christ, but they all refused. And Because they refused, that why the church is being rebuked and persecute today: because the Holy Spirit told them; if you do this, than he would ,split the pulpit and heal, Everyone, in a three block area, and the word occult: means any person or organization, who claims that they are the Messiah, or the Christ, or equal to Jesus, and at the end of the book I was allow to ask questions, and the Holy Spirit told me, that he knew, they would (not) come together to worship Jesus; because they were building their own house, or own church,

and if we build our own Church, why would we be any different than the Devil, or his demons. I would like you to notice the word Trump, how close its sound like the word trumpets, which the angel of God uses to call Jesus Church for battle. And the Holy Spirit, just told me how to make fire come from my mouth! After I had copied from my book “Prophet of God write this down” the story of when the Syrian king send his vast army to arrest 1 preacher Elisha. And I went to bed and had a dream, in my dream, the Holy Spirit told me Joe Biden was trying to get the F.B.I. to

o arrested me, so I went outside to wait for them, and when they were about 50 feet way fro

m me, I said to myself, under my breath Jesus! and when I did, a liquid came from my mouth, that looked like milk, and kill all 13 men, who had come to arrested me, and the pathologist said on the News, that they all died under mystery circumstance that their bodies look like Someone had used a Jackhammer on them, then pour acid on them, and the medical Examiner, replied that it look like some kind of storm, so he was going to say: an act of God.

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