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The Burning Bush Represents: Not by power or might but by the Spirit of God

John the Revelator had a nightmare, He had seen a beast coming out of the sea, in Revelation 13:1-4 it had seven heads and ten horns. We know what this nightmare means because Daniel the Prophet had the same nightmare in 605BC and he prayed about it, and God sent an Angel to tell him the meaning. in Daniel chapter 8 he tells us he was withstood, and had to go get help from Gabriel to tell him the message, and he told Daniel that this is the Anti-Christ coming to deceive the Nations in the last days.

Now notice he has a fatal head wound. that gives us a very good clue of who this king is! Notice he has seven heads and ten horns. the number seven stands for God’s number, the number six stands for man's number, John the Revelator refers to the mark of the beast as 6-6-6 telling us that everyone rich or poor has to take his mark on our right hand or forehead to be able to buy, sell, or trade, if you calculate the number of the trinity; of the Heavenly father, and the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit it would be 7-7-7. By using the same calculation, the number 6-6-6 is the trinity of man, they are saying we want all power from all men by making them believe we are like our creator and you need to worship, and bow down and worship us because, we are smarter than everyone else. You see the spirit of hate is the main god in this trinity, the spirit of greed and selfishness will be the person or Prime minster, or President, of the Nation,

see Jesus came to give his life for all! and the devil's spirit is arrogant and wants all power. remember in Matthew 22:17-21 when Jesus was asked: is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar or not? He said, whose image and inscription is this? Then they answered: it was a denarius, and he replied: Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and the things of God to God. When the apostles were told by the authorities: that they were not allowed to speak about Jesus, and they were threatened with jail, beaten, and other reprisals, but they continued to proclaim their, faith to the people, and they considered the government power was at an end, when they begin to restrict their freedom to worship and proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ. You see we Owe Jesus our praise and thanksgiving, because we all would have to be beaten, and nail to a cross, but he did for us. He took our place on the cross. Now the important of the head wound, that has baffle great men of God for centuries, if you look back in history John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected the 35th president of the United States in 1960. He was a very charismatic, and was a very popular president, that both; democratic and republican: both liked, and like every president; our nation enemies will test them! one of his Biggs threats was when the Soviet Union: put missiles on Cuba, that threaten the United States, which is 100 miles from Miami, He was another! Trump that told the Soviet Union to move their Missiles or the U.S. would accept it as a state of war, they moved their missiles, that was 1962, and in Nov 22,1963 He was Assassinated in Dallas Texas. He received a fatal head wound and was pronounce dead a short time later. President Johnson order the Warren Commission to investigate his death, and they reported that he was killed by one lone gunman name Lee Harvey Oswald, who was an ex-Marine, then a night Club manager; shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald his name was Jack Ruby, that killed him; then the expert’s said it was impossible, because, the Rifle he had used, could not fire that fast, It’s believe that the Warren Commission just aided in covering it up, because they were afraid of going to war with the Soviet Union, just like Hillary made the Soviet Union, the Boogeyman for the democratic plot against Donald Trump, when she drop the false report of Christopher Steele an officer of British former intelligence, just like Rahn Emanuel; Obama: Chief of Staff, said never let a crisis go to waste. Just like my note Revealing the Prophet of Fire, just like Proverbs 28:25 “a greedy man stirs up dissension, but he who trusts in the Lord will prosper.” If you read my note the Unveiling! I wrote how I was attack in my driveway: it was a dream, and a man name was Eric Coomer, of Dominion voting machines, that I had never seen him in my life, and the next day I seen him on Fox News, burning an American Flag and Holy Bibles. Now our Warren commission: covered up the murders of our president, and our News Networks cover up the great Steele of the White House, because there was a lot of money at hand. Just like Fox news deserted their viewers, for money. They fired a lot of their hosts, they had to take a heavy hand! to stop the rebellion, and it was easier to take the money and surrender, then fight back and I need help, and I spend a lot of time writing these blogs, and if I had a congregation to help me, we could invite people to watch, by video on TV or my web site, and see the Holy Spirit in action doing healing and miracle. So, I need a platform or a church, so Our Lord Jesus Christ can stay on his throne in heaven, look how Robert F Kennedy has been treated? he lost his uncle, and own Dad to assassination, and he was denied protection, if he became a candidate for president. And the reason John F Kennedy. Was killed. Was because he believed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was not a Socialist: and the reason Donald Trump, is so hated is because, he loves his fellow American, and loves Jesus Christ. And is a patriot, what most people do not know, that God established tithing in the book of Genesis chapter 4, but because of the pandemic, our government forbid our churches from meeting together, so they stop giving their praises and worship to our Lord Jesus Christ, and so we will stop receiving his blessing on our nation. After all who else: will give you back a 100 percent, except God. My eight-year-old great granddaughter had a seizure, Monday no one let me know, when I found out, I pray about it, and the Holy Spirt, show me in my spirit in her left- ear where they had put inter ear drains years ago, was a thin bone that cause an infection, so now I knew how to pray for her. I have no power, but my gifts: are that I know who the Holy Spirit is, and who Jesus Christ is, they’re the part of the God head, or part of the Trinty. That why I know that the world needs my ministry, and what they really need is Jesus Christ, when I was a pastoring a church, the song leader ask me not to sing in her ear, she was not trying to be disrespectful or rude, but was trying to be very tactful, she had a very beautiful voice, and I sing out of tone, so I laid my microphone down and went out and stood in the congregation, well the congregation notice that: and want me to stand in front of them, and I could not tell them, that I was ask not to, because they love me, and didn’t care what I sound liked. And we always had refreshment after our evening services, cookies, cakes, brownies, soft drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, and while everyone was in the basement; enjoy themselves. I started singing in the Spirit in the auditorium, I thought, I was alone, I turn around in the whole congregation was there watching me: then they All began praising the Lord, they said it sound like an angel was singing. You see I was singing in THE LOVE OF JESUS; it was coming from my heart. When we meet together, we are JESUS BODY! Come to find out, it was in Hebrew and it was a song never published, it was called He is worthy! That will be song in heaven. Remember I was whipped with a belt two to three time a week to break my spirit as a child, as a child, that just made me stronger, and my State Superintendent chose a psychic, and an homosexual, and drunk, over my ministry, the other two men, that had Dads like mine, end up being world dictators, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and the word dictator come from the word the Rome senate used, when they would appointed a political leader in the time of emergency. SO, IF YOU NEED A PASTOR EMAIL ME AT ED EVERETT DORRIS I really don’t think; that I’m good preacher, but it not me, it by the Spirit of God, that speaks through me! and the church will not be overcome: in this last election the state of Ohio voted to allow abortion up to nine months, and most of the New media thinks it a losing proposition, for the GOP and should give up on it, there an old saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink, we have laws that say it illegal to cross the border of our nation, but our President say to our border patrol lift up the razor wire that Texas has place in the way to keep our Nation from being overrun, but let me ask? what will Joe Biden think, when the lake of fire is torturing him, in severe pain on his puny little body, for braking the laws of God. We owe it to everyone to given then water so they will never thirst again! because God says! do not kill! and he don’t say it alright if it your child, God has given us a conscience but Apostle Paul says it become so calloused, that we can no longer feel anything, but it does not say you; will not spend forever in a lake of fire, just because your preacher or priest won’t say anything, that why Jesus says preach the good News in and out of season, Just because you’re a thief is trying to Steele our salvation don’t mean we should throw our hands in the air and surrender, but we should just thank Jesus! When He told Pater the gates of Hades will not overcome my church! If a congregation: we can put Jesus back on his throne, that He bought with his own Life and also paid for our worships and praises, then we will all be able to sing the song he is worthy. The church job: is not to go along to get along, but to love one another, and to pray for one another. Now socialist, is a form of slavery it to manipulate the masses, or control your people, that you own, and God was telling us in the last days our biggest threat would be socialist government, because they will soon be our dictators. Just like Israel were slaves in Egypt, they were the property of the pharaoh, who was considered a god or king, but the Israelites considered him a tyrant. You remember in Genesis in 4:2-5 Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil, and Able brought fat portions from some of the first born of his Flock, the Lord look with favor or Ables, but with disgust on Cain sacrifice, that because God looks at our heart, we cannot fool God, because he all knowing. It been said more then once; how Joe Biden being told what to say or do, they think it his wife or staff, but it neither, it the Global Elite in Davos Switzerland, the world economic Forum that our 28 presidents help to get started, that comes from the League of Nation, who was the frontrunner of the United Nation, who got the Ideal from England. That why you see democratic and republican, both working against America, that why you see our open borders, because they want to solve the world problems, so, we all have to become generic, we can not be individuals and start being more like Russia and China, their model is you will own nothing, and will be happy, that why president Trump pull us out of the world health organization, and they have no place for God or individuals nation, and their paying off our politicians to make us bow down to the world Environmental Social and Corporate Governance that is also apart of United Nation, President Trump commented that our Nation was paying the dues for most of the world, but did not have any say, they were taking their orders from China and Russia, and the first thing President Biden did, was put us back in both of them. That will put our Nation into Slavery, you see: they have to take God blessing away, and make us equal to atheist Nations, that live in poverty.

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