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Monkey see: Monkey do!

God Will always Protect his Servants!

God is very misunderstood. Just like myself, most think the Church Is the spokesman, for Our Lord Jesus Christ: they don’t think it: as one of his enemies of the cross of Jesus. But Jesus prophesied in Matt 24: 3-5, First God will not call a Prophet unless his People are walking in disobedience, and Jesus was born from a virgin birth, because he was the begotten Son of God: who Father was God: The Holy Spirit spoke and Mary his mother became pregnant. God’s Holy Spirit, that could see 2000 years in the future, and was telling all his Prophet’s in the Old Testament what to say, when they were telling the future of all Nations including Israel. After All God tells us in Ephesians 4:11 It was he who give some to be Apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelist, and some to be Pastors, and teachers, to prepare God’s People for works of service. All these ministries are servant, of our Lord Jesus Christ, but just like the original 12 disciples: one committed treason; against Jesus, and after he realized he had betrayed God and all mankind, of hope, he committed suicide, because he realizes that now he had no hope. Then we read Isaiah 54:17 “no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord. In my blog called providence part 2, I told how the democratic party were against our 13 amendment: that abolished slavery in America, that was passed by Abraham Lincoln and the republicans party and the abolitionist Dec 6, 1865 We have to understand the Democratic was Lobby by the KKK. to defeated it. But now they tell us: They were abolitionist, but in 1831 to 1865 they were against it. Notice after President Trump is reelected and turns America around, those same people that are doing everything, to keep him from running for office, will tell you: they were for him, which will be a Lie. But it will, be because God; our Lord, and his Church: follow the heart of God. I’m now going to tell you: what the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is doing notice, in Revelation chapter 11-verse 4, -5, These are the two olive trees and two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth day and night, in case you can’t figure it out, he talking about the Holy Spirit, because He everywhere all the time, and these two wittiness, are full of love, and will always be ready to forgive others, and help others; because of the love they have from Jesus. And the Holy Spirit is love, because they have Jesus’s spirit: that Jesus gave to his children, that lives in us, so when we love others, we will all see that love protect us. I’m going to tell you a true story to help you understand. If you read Revelation chapter 11, it talks about the two witnesses’, that our God sent, to be with the believers in the tribulation period. They do not receive their special powers until after, 1,260 days after the church is snatched from the earth, one of their powers, they will be able to devours, Jesus enemies with fire that comes from their mouth, and anyone who attacks or who tries to harm them, must die this away. In my Blog Providence Part 2, I wrote because I was being attacked so much, that the Holy Spirit was going to protect me, by allowing my attacker to be stricken with stomach cancer, because that is the closest, to being assumed by fire, and just like Judas Icarus Kill himself, by hanging himself, it was his conscience, and those who attack the Lord Children, will be stricken with fire of the stomach, because they knew, that they are doing evil, but snicker, to their self, and enjoy their evil by hurting God’s child. And because the democratic are trying to stop President Trump from running for office. By trying to take his wealth, and keep in tied up in court with frivolous charges, they will be attacked with oncologist bills for treating their cancers and maybe they will turn to God, for hope and pray, to God of all: heavens and earth to be healed: you see they don’t understand that this is America, and we do not all have to think liked, everyone else, we can look; at different ways to solve our problems after all, I have been told many times, from many people, how much money they had spend, and all I had to do: was say a few words, and all their pain was gone, and those few words, were: be heal, and the name of Jesus Christ! that because I was talking to their Soul and their conscience, would here, and they would have faith to be healed, you see God has put a conscience in all of us, and none of us can say: we didn’t know when something is evil, because our conscience knows: our every thought, and records it. You see my ministry was supernatural! And I was not talking to the person, but to their soul, and their conscience would hear my words and know, that I could not know what was wrong with them, and their faith would heal them. They would know: they were healed, not because of me, but because their conscience would here Jesus Christ and know they were now healed. Because I had the anointing, of Jesus, Holy Spirit, and their conscience would know that I was speaking to their conscience, and their faith would heal them. We live in a time in history when our media can’t wait to tell everyone how different someone is, like the moral authority, for everyone, and we all must thank alike, I think most clergy, respect other views, they might not agree with them, but love and respect them. As God’s family. When I was in the third grade, we had a field trip to the zoo, and they had a show with chimpanzees and they put derby and top hats on then, and they put on a show, for everyone, and then, after the show, they allow the trainers to talk to the audience, and they told us; how intelligent they were, that they have about 98 percent of human our D and A, and all they had to do was show them, and they would do it, so when we left the zoo, the children would say monkey see, monkey DO!, I’m sure that every child would had liked to take a chimp home with them. And we now have a corrupt government, and we have many people, who see and try to do the same thing, one day my phone told me I had 90 scam calls in 45 minutes, then I took my car, in for services, for an oil change, after I got it back, I had a service light on, so the next day I took it back, and was told I need an oxygen sensor, and I pray about, it and went to my gas cap, and tighten it, and by the time I got home, the light was off. I had bought three cars from that dealership, now I would not buy a bicycle from them. Because I cannot trust them. You see one of my gifts, is discerning of Spirits, and I knew who did it. And soon he will know there a God in Heaven, because he tried to steal 140.00 from a senior, because he was jealous of my car, and tried to be God, and punish me. after all I was looking at a new car, that what upset him the most. And he knew that I was a preacher, how could I afford a new car. What he did not know, this preacher always had a secular job, and never received money for his duties as a pastor or Evangelist. Because as a child he had heard the congregation complain, when their Pastor would get a new suit, or a newer car, everybody wants the pastor to be as poor as the church mouse, and everyone should be happy when a servant of the Lord prosperous, and enjoy good health, because they’re the leader. And when their blessed, the whole congregation will be blessed. But everyone wants to believe the pastor is a slave, to cut the grass, clean the building, clean the restrooms, whatever to be done. But Psalm 111:10 “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” And so all these scam artists, will be scam out of their money, when their paying their Oncologist bills, to stay alive. Because they do not know that Jesus Christ heals all sickness and diseases, but their religions can’t. So, God going: to let them know, there is only one God, and his name is Jesus, and not the democratic party or republican party, and when you hire an influencer like the democratic and Joe Biden: are pushing on America to become like Sodom and Gomorrah, because they hate Jesus which is the anti-Christ Spirit, and because they have lied and brought so much corruptions to America every scammer and politicians who voted to keep our borders open, and to send our wealth abroad, will received their rewards, from the anti-Christ, the fire that God as promise, the devil, and his cohorts, and so you get to go ahead of the devil, and his demons. In their world, they say “Everything has a price, and God says the wage for sin is death. And your gift, for hate is fire. Most people don’t realize, death by man is temporary: to we appear before the great white throne of Jesus, then the Holy Spirit, will testify for us, or against us, He will tell Jesus, we were control; by love or greed for money. And We all want to here :WELCOME ‘GOOD AND FAITFUL SERVANT’ and I have seen some of his angels and they look a little like MIKE TYSON in his best shape, only three or four foot taller, I’m not trying to belittle Mike Tyson, but to education everyone, the last person I would want to be hit by, is Mike Tyson, because I seen him hit giant and they fall down, and God’s war angel, their so tall I don’t know if he could reach them. These are the war Angels that will appear at Armageddon, when Jesus claims the earth for his children. I know some think they will never bow to Jesus: where this writer considers, it a privilege and an honor to bow to Jesus, because he had never lied or taken advantage of anyone. And I agree with Marjorie Taylor Green to remove; Leader Mike Johnson, because when you tell someone; something, you must do it, and Mr. Johnson is trying to walk the middle of the road, which is a dangerous place to walk, the republicans, send him to the house, and he should do his best to represent them. We should all try to act like our God. And never lied to anyone or take advange of anyone. Because when he wants to be reelected, the same people who vote for him, might say, I vote for you one time, come to find out; you lie just like the democratic, what the difference. And all you will be able to do, look at them with a blank look on your face. We must remember a man called Abraham Lincoln, who give his life for telling the truth, His nickname was Honest Abe, because he tries to be like his Lord Jesus Christ. Remember I told you in 2015, that the democratic party was selling access to our nation to the drug cartels, in Mexico, and I told you how the democratic party bought the election in 2020, even giving names. A lot of People disliked Abraham Lincoln, just like a lot of People dislike President Trump, but most people know they can trust him, I just seen a News video, of President Trump and Don Junior, and the president was telling him, something and you could see the respect, and love, in Don Jr. eyes, he was proud of his dad, it did not matter what anyone else thought, he believe he was like honest Abe, a man to be trusted. We can tell a lot about someone the way their love one act around them. When I was a young boy, I had six chicken and a roster, and my Grandfather was visiting and he seen the rooster chase my sister, and he come in the house, and told me, and I told him, that my sister had told me a couple day ago, and I had used a 2x4 on him, and he had a farm most of his life, and he told me, there was only one way to treat a bird like him, and that was to eat him for supper, some animals are just mean. And I come home to a fried chicken Dinner. That my grandfather prepared. I’m telling you this because many people, would not know; what to do, but a farmer know what to do. You cannot let any animal harass, any human. And God would have us, love all animal: but we can’t let them scare little children. Just like most Don’t realize there is evil, in the world, and we have to treated it, for what it is, evil we have people in charge; that don’t know good from evil, they think good, is evil, because, someone has a different opinion then their self, for instance I told my dad; that the Holy Spirit said: he was giving me the gift of healing; and he told me: that God would not give me the gift of healing, because I, was not a member of his denomination, and the denomination that I, belong to was of good character, and a hundred times larger, and was very true to the Holy Bible, and they accepted me, because healing, and miracles, followed me, and my dad made his decision by feelings, which is fertile ground for evil. You see his Denomination to him: was Christ! And it was no more than a country club: calling itself church. I always wonder if it had not been for my dad: lack of faith, the Lord would have given me the gift of Knowledge, because I had never seen it in action, but I can just close my eyes, and the Holy Spirit: will show me in my Spirit what wrong, with everyone in the building, and I know my dad: had never seen it use, you see he would never come to see my ministry, and I know that the Devil stop him, with his pride: because he might have believed in Jesus Christ and became saved, you see he was religious, but not spiritual, just like Jesus had done with the nation of Israel, they were so prideful of their prophets, and despised Jesus, and his disciple’s, with hate, they could not see his disciple without hating them. And they told their selves it was a trick of the Devil, using the gifts that was given to them, by the Holy Spirit, but laugh at them, made fun of them, because they had to sneak around and meet in homes, and caves, because; they could not meet in the public: because they were harassed, then they found out: the prophet’s had all talked about the Christ in prophecy, with all His Holy prophets. You see religious build our pride, but the Holy Spirt, bring truth, and power. But it by mercy and grace and all we have to do: is say Thank you Jesus! Let me ask everyone a question? Are you going to let your Pride send you to a lake of Fire, or will you humble your selves and be born again, are you going to be like the young twenty some year-old girl, when I went to get a new phone number so I could use my phone, because my phone number was stolen and put on the dark web.  for no: reason, she had a fit, and told me I could not be a Christian, and there a word and the Bible, that name’s her, she would be called a fool: a fool is someone who believes they are God, and it come from the king; Jester was often a fool to make the royal’s laugh. They often had colorful costumes, the tree point hat, and they would use gestures, in their message, so they become jester because the king and the royal needed to laugh, and they were very foolish. And I had just written in a blog called Providence part 2, I said that those who attack Jesus: Children will be stricken with stomach cancer, which is fire, just like Jesus taught in Mark 9:43 “If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life mimed than with two hands; go into hell, where the fire never goes out.” You see this young person went to a cult, that taught we are all gods with a small g and now she will have time to find the truth, there is only one God and his name is Jesus Christ! Remember note: to Bernie Sanders, That God told all people of faith thru Abraham I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you, evidently you want to be cursed. God is the sovereignty which means supreme authority. And this is to put EVERBODY ON NOTICE YOU HAVE BEEN BASKING, FROM THE WARM AND LOVE OF MY CHILDREN. BUT NOW YOU ARE CURSING MY CHILDREN, SO IF I DO NOT CORRECT YOU: I BECOME A LIER LIKE YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL. And the reason I’m calling Bernie Sander, OUT: because he calls himself an independent, and he don’t know Hamas is not Israel, and he putting a curse on everyone who voted for him. and everyone that is stricken with cancer of the stomach, just THANK JESUS, and give your life to Jesus Christ, because, you could not! have been warned; and one day you would have end up in Hell: waiting for the great White Throne: of Jesus. And a warning to the Democratic party; Does the phrase as thick as thieves mean anything to you. I know there must be a number of good people that have a D in front of their name, but there will soon be a great shaken, if you are going to switch party to the Republican party? do it soon, before the weight of the two-tier justice system will hit. And help take our Nation back and reestablished law and order, in our nation. All of us should be on the Side of a loving God. Remember we are now a banana-republic: because we do not have Borders. Or laws for everyone: just those who have a D in front of their names. And you can’t government yourselves, I will soon; hand you over to another Hitler dictator, to do it for you. Because I also send my servant to a local dentist, for new dentures, because the dentures he had were made at Aspen dental, and did not fit, and he called three times, and after his appointment, they charge him $98.00 and never give him a price, and just told him, they could not help, and he just wanted a price for new dentures, and because the dentist, has to much pride: to work on my child, he will be paying oncologist bills, You see he was from a different denomination. He will wish he had just a little more humanity: to my child. I want to let everyone Know: you are not God, but with you are evil, I will treat you as evil. Then Jesus told us a story in Luke 10:25 about a good Samaritan, that found a man beaten up and stripped of his clothes, and left for dead and took pity on him and he bandaged his wounds, pouring oil on him and wine on him then took him to an Inn and pay the Inn keeper to look after him, then said to the inn keeper when I return, He would reimburse him; for any extra expense, then Jesus ask which of the three was a neighbor, the Levite, who walk on the other side of the road not to see him, the priest that walk on the other side, not to see him, or the Samaritan which the Jews considered had bad doctrine. We all want mercy and grace, but are not willing to give our neighbor mercy or grace. But want every dollar they can get from them, because they only think of their selves; as very special. The lord calls it a spirit of selfishness. Remember I told you that God is just as fair to the devil children as he is his own. My dad was a bully, that hated his second son, (ME)  when I was a few month old, whipping me with his belt, when I could not talk, crawl, in so when I’m treated unfair, that all I have ever known, his favor words to me, “how dumb and stupid, I was” after turning 18, I went to the US Airforce recruiter, and they did not want to let me, even take the test, because my dad has made me quite school as senior, in High School, and after waiting for my friend, to fill out all the paper work; the Recruiter ask me if I wanted to go with my buddy to be tested, but told me,” He had  never seen a high school dropout; be able to pass the test.” But not only did I Pass the test, but I score a genius on it, but I could not overcome my dad bullying, that I was dumb and, Stupid, but later in life I come to realize, he had made me very Humble: and that was what the Holy Spirit liked about me. And he would cry just like my mother, when I was abused. And no man can expect him to sit back, and not to punish the Devil Helpers!                                                     


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