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Proof that I’m the Lord's prophet! in my book in the year 2000, Most know that we walk in Faith, we start out in faith because we know that our God’s lives, and we must trust him, because Jesus proved, it by giving his life on a wooden cross, in my last blog Providence part 1, I told how everything in heaven, and on earth, is God’s and he appoints guardian, and calls them prophets, too help him, let’s look at how he choose, guardians, Jesus tells us, that the meek shall inherit the earth, them in Exodus 33:11 tells us that Moses is the Meek’s man in the Bible, except for Our Lord Jesus, who was God and became a slave, because he loved us. And v11 he tells us that he speaks face to face with Moses, remember me telling you, when Jesus come to my house in 2000, that I kept my face bury in a wing chair, because the Bible says no man could see the face of God, I’m one of the most curious people on earth, but the Holy Spirit said, that I was tested, to see if I would obey the word of God and look up, if I would have look up, I would have been like Saul in the 9 chapter of Acts when Jesus appeared to him and he looked up, and became blind. I’m telling you this to teach you, that God will not have any spoil children, by being treated with leniently or indulgently, because they will always become spoiled brats, by treating others with contempt. Meek, means quiet, gentle, submissive, slow to anger or resentment, strength under control, many take a meek person as weak because of their disposition, many think they are easy to run over, but God believes, they make good leaders, because they think of others as being equal to their self, because they love others, as they love themselves. For instance, Mose was the Meek’s person in the Bible: up until Jesus. Moses was a prince to the Pharaohs of Egypt and give it away, to become an Israel slave, because he loved his fellow Israelite slaves, like he loves himself. I known this for some time, but waited until today, the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah March 31, 2024, I wrote in the book Prophet of God write this down in 2000 I wrote what the church would have to do, to overcome this great attack on our nation, and the world, you see Jesus said many will come in his name, saying “I am the Christ, and will mislead many.” Most cannot figure out, what he meant, he was talking about our denominations, becoming Jesus, let me explain, in my book “Prophet of God write this down” I wrote about a dream I had, and it gives us the answer of how to overcome this Satanic attack on our Nation, and the church. After we open the Full Gospel Assembly, I had a dream, and this is what I was shown: I walked into the church building, and it was completely full. There was nowhere to set down, there was no standing room, the Holy Spirit took me to the front of the church and there were three caskets, then he took me outside in the parking lot, there were people everywhere, trying to get in. They were standing for nearly 3 blocks in every direction. Then he showed me Rev. Pat Roberston. I prayed and asked the meaning of the dream, and received no answer, until about twenty years later. Then I was told, the three caskets represented rules, powers of darkness, and Spiritual forces of evil. As in Ephesians 6:12 also see Mark 3:27 Jesus said in fact, no one can enter a strong man house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man” That why the democratic vote to take away our guns, and to not fund our police departments, after all God: calls our police officers his agents in otherward, they are working for him. they are protecting the weak, and elderly. Have you notice the world is under spiritual attack including our Nation, every time I would set down to write this, I would become sick, my head, would begin to spin, making me dizzy, I was talking to my  daughter, and was telling her, what I was trying to write about, that the Holy Spirit had told me that I was given: the Abraham blessing the most sacred blessing, although he had many obstacle, to overcome, them by faith, just like our prophet Daniel was hinder when he pray for the interpretation of his dream, but he kept seeking for three weeks because the angel, that God send was hinder from the prince of Persia and he had to get help, from Michael  (Archangel) because of Daniel faithfulness we now know, that we are the in the last kingdom, before the one thousand years millennial. You see Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar dream, we know the empires that will rule over Israel, was Babylon, Meades, Persians, Greeks, Romans, the Stone which is Jesus 1 Peter 2:6-8 Rev 11:15 19:11 20:6: NOW I WILL TELL YOU SOMETHING THAT ONLY THE WITINESS KNOWS! : These two witnesses have Elijah, and Moses, spirits, for instance in 2015 I told how the democratic party were taking payoffs from the drug cartels, to smuggle drugs and human traffic into America. A bishop called Joe Biden a cafeteria catholic. But his believes are from a pagan religion, that the church battle in the first church, that would throw their children in volcanos to sacrifice, to their gods for better crops, they had all kinds of gods, the more gods the more destruction. Just like Adolf Hitler: burn Jews: because he was sacrifice them to his god, the word holocaust means completely burn, like small animals, which were offered by night, then become small children, and the Democratic are offering our America to their gods for money, so they will become wealthy just like Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. Now to tell you what no one know, Like I wrote in my book, there is no globe warming, the earth is getting cooler, asked any weather forecasters, and they will tell you scientifically, but the left see dollars signs, like carbon trading which was supposed to be a market like wall street, the EPA show up at a coal power plant, and they are fined, for putting out too much carbon, and they, can paid a carbon tax in the millions, look who trying to blackmail America, to go from the greatness Nation of mankind to become a banana republic, they tell a lied and expect everyone to go along, for instance on the Christianity celebrate easter Sunday as the most sacred day of the year the resurrection of Our Lord, and Savior, because it gives us hope that we also will be resurrected, from our grave and those, that are alive will be resurrection after the dead. Are raise and Joe Biden, said easter Sunday, that it was now Transgender Day, and Our Lord God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because they tried to rape two angels, what will he do to Joe Biden? for trying to take hope from his children, Jesus said in Matt 24:4-9 “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, I am the Christ, and will deceive many. You will here of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against Nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.” Notice it said earthquakes in various places, that like New York and New Jersey, but if it was happing in California, is not in various place, because everyone knows that California has fault lines, and New York has none, I want everyone to know that our God, is always fair, and is slow to anger, Afterall we all, have rain, and sun, on the wicked, and the righteous, remember the Holy Spirit said healings and miracle follow the truth. Until the church is raptured, then the devil will be able to form illusion, and counterfeit, God’s Miracles. As he did in the book of Exodus when Moses staff, turn into a snake, and by the black arts of the Egyptian magicians, and sorcerers, turned their staffs into snakes, and Moses’s snake, swallowed the Egyptian snake. In 7:13. God is just and fair to evil, as he is to his own children, that why all three religions that come from Abraham religions The Lord invites to excepted Jesus Christ, because The Jewish and the Muslims are all from faith, and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Apostle Paul tells us about the great Resurrection of the Believers of Jesus Christ, and because Abraham pray to our God for his sons Ishmael, when he found out that everlasting life would come thru Isaac Jacob, blood line he pray for his son Ishmael: God told Abraham he would also bless, Ishmael and make him into a great Nation then Apostle Paul tells us in Roman 3:22 “this righteousness from God come through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” Remember Everything God told Abraham happen like God said, he told the father of many kingdom and nations, Israel was slaves to Egypt for 400 years, and he Illustrated thru Abraham by testing his faith when he told him to sacrifice his loving son, because that what God has done for us, Jesus is God loving son, who obey his Father, for all of us who have faith to receive him as our loving God, and who was name Saul was persecuting the Church when a man named Stephen being full of the Holy Spirit was being stone to death: he gaze, into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God! And prayed for Saul, as he was praying for Jesus to receive his spirt, he prayed for Saul, that his murders would not be charge, with this sin. and shortly after Saul received Jesus as his Savior, and Lord and God. And become Apostle Paul, that told us we do not struggle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the dark world, and against the spiritual’s forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Then the Holy Spirit said no one person could defeated them, unless we first tied up the strong man and the devil had divided the church with denomination, and use the love that Stephen, give Soul in Jesus, and love others as we love ourselves, because God love us to give his only begotten Son, and Jesus give his life for us, that why we can love one another. And The Holy Spirit told me that I was given the Abraham blessing of 13, not knowing what he meant, I ask? And was told that 13 stood for Abraham Blessing, he told me no matter how I was treated, like Stephen, and Moses, God the Heavenly Father the Holy Spirit, I would always give them the benefit of doubt and pray for them, and that was the love of God. And Jesus was the head of the 13 tribe of Israel and 13 was the numbers of years between, Ishmael and the birth of Isaac, which begot Jacob which become Israel the bloodline of the Messiah, would come through, and God initiated circumcised, and that become the blood, that made it everlasting and any male child of eight days should be circumcised, to be a descendants of Abraham, but after the Messiah we are circumcised in our hearts, by the blood of Jesus, It was believed that if a male who was not circumcised, he could not have insight in the things of God, but after Christ we are now circumcised in the heart by the blood of Jesus, and if we confess that we believe, that he was born a virgin birth and ask that your sins be forgiven, by his death on the cross. You are now forgiven and on your way to heaven, but we will soon be in a thousand years millennium, where the lion will eat grass, and a poisoned snake, will not harm us. And all because we loved all mankind. Just like the prophet Ezekiel told us in his 37-chapter verse 3, God said to Ezekiel can these dry bones live? Then he told him to prophesied to those dry bones, them they came together, bone to bone and tendons, and flesh appear then breath in them. And Israel was alive again May 15, 1948, when the United Nation voted to give Israel their own country again. this Prophet was born 1944, and was chosen to be the witness like Moses, Spirits because of my mother had the gift of love, and the Lord chose me, before I was conceived in her womb, I’m the one Apostle Paul talked about in Acts 7:37 and the one John wrote about in Revelation 11. This prophet enjoys very good health, but while I was writing this blog, I became week, nauseated, and I would get up from my desk, and walk like a drunk, and I prayed and was told by the Holy Spirit to use my faith, so I just ignored my sickness, but it was very hard, Just like the Prophet Daniel wrote that happen to him, before he told every kingdom that would rule over Israel, before the Messiah comes to take his church, for a wedding ceremony, and all left behind will soon beg to die, but death will not be an option, because they will be in so much pain, but they will have to choose between Jesus Christ and their manmade church, denomination. There is a cost to following the real Jesus, this prophet, had a wonderful wife go to heaven, because I was need to go to work for God children, because the Holy Spirit told me, at the time, I had to get his church ready for the Resurrection, that time was short. so, I could do my Job, that I loved more than myself I have never been paid for my ministry, because it was prophesy by John the revelator, that I would be send, and not hired, the other witness would take in one hundred million dollars, and I would pay them my ties, for allowing me to share Jesus with them. But the good thing, a lot of my brothers and sisters would receive their Miracles, from Jesus Holy Spirit. If you notice our breastplate of truth is open in the back, that because; that where the church is supposed to protect our back, so we the church have to be united and pray that Jesus Christ, to be our only Lord and King, when we put our faith in an denomination, is like putting your faith into a building, or a country club, because, when we  stand before the great white throne, our country club will be the same help, where the Holy Spirit will answer for us, saying well done good and faithful servant. If I have Moses’ spirit, I will mandate a new law, the people have created a new law, GO WOKE, GO BROKE, the thirteen amendment that abolished slavery in America was brought by Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans party and the abolitionist Dec 6 1865, this was about a fight that was from 1831 to Dec 6 1865 being passed. but the democratic wanted nothing to do with it, because they were being lobbied by the KKK, a hate group, but the democratic has taken the credit for it, saying they were the abolitionist, so I will mandate that all money stole from President Trump by our courts be paid by the Democratic party, because when we steal, we have to make restitution and because no one alive now, were involved, with slavery, and what was done to president trump is just as evil as slavey, this is the same spirit that was behind slavey, their god is the spirit of greed, they have taken credit for something they were against; and I do not hate the Democratic party but I serve a Holy God, that give his life for all, He will not let us hate, then say it was love, I believe the year of Jubilee is 2025 in Leviticus 25:8 after every seventh sabbath is a reset! Which is approximately every fifty years, and because God told our father Abraham “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curses”! So, Church we have to talk in unity, and pray that the perfect will of Jesus Christ, be done on earth as it is in heaven, we are the light of the world, and we need to start acting like what Jesus calls us, the light of the world and pray, that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and our King of King’s. The Holy Spirit just told me why I become sick, while writing this blog, because of fear of God, because I was afraid that I won’t be able to explain to you, how we must love each other, because no one without love will be in Resurrection of the Church, because the church is the light of the world. The Holy Spirit told me, I can now except pay because, God initiated giving, and tithing, to take care of his Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastors teachers, and Jesus wants order in his Church, and because his church wants to be apart of the truth, and good News and the love of Jesus they want to support Jesus’s ministry’s and John the Revelator was showing the difference, and I misunderstood, because when I grew up, poor and had worked, carrying three paper route from age 11 to age 16 until I could work at a grocery store, and I knew, that the poor, care and love Jesus, and had great Faith of what the world is like, and his servant’s the witnesses with Moses spirit said that because Jesus knew how it would be in the final days. He wanted everyone to know: these two witnesses were sent by his love for his church and not for money, and was using his name and his authority. And there giving to me, but because they love Jesus. And so, from now on, when I minster to any congregation I will except any help, in Appreciate that they give from their love of Jesus. We have to understand that Jesus is God and all knowing, and he could see 2000 years in the future and see, that our president and his party would be under attack for taking bribes for allowing illegal drugs and illegal’s to flood into our nation for money, from the drug cartels our own leaders are our biggest enemies but the good news, the Drug cartels are very upset with Joe Biden and the Democratic, because, Governor Abbott and Republican governors who send Their Nation Guard’s to help Texas to defend their borders, and it has become very hard, they had to buy drones to smuggle drug, and they know we will soon have a new president, congress and senate, and the Illegal alien will stop. The reason I was seeing so many healings and miracles was because I have a contract with the Holy Spirit, that if I always prepare myself, all I had to do is open my mouth, and the Holy Spirit would speak thru me, and that was always the truth, and signs and wonders follow the truth. And I always knew that it was the Holy Spirit doing, what he told me, so I thought, If I except their gifts, I would be a thief, because I always enjoyed minster and sharing Jesus with other, but now the Holy Spirit, shared with me, when we give to Jesus, we are blessed, and by me not taking their gifts, I am cheating you, out of your blessing, that why Jesus come, for when we fall short of God’s Glory, from not knowing, the truth. We can ask to be forgiven, and be forgiven. I just found out why my dad was so hostel to me and why the left is so hostel to the church of Jesus Christ, the same reason, the Jewish were hostel to Jesus, because they believe they are saved by ritual, and Jesus brought us love, and the blood of our savior as to make it everlasting, one of my gifts is discernment of Spirits, and because, my phone and computer was hacked, and so I need a new phone number, so I went to a new cell company and purchase a new number, and I had a little peace, one day I received 79 scam calls in 45 minutes, and the phone with my old number, would not receive or let me call out, and I heard, when I was in the parking lot, I was called a very bad name, so when I went into the store, a young man started helping me, then her supervisor started berating me, telling me I could not even be a Christian, which I never told her I was, and I felt sorry for her, because in my last blog I had written, when the witness it attack, they will be stricken with stomach cancer because they have attack God’s love, that like spitting in the face of Jesus, and calling his love hate. You see that is the same hate Jesus received. Because their Religion is their God. And ritual will always be hostel to love, that why, when growing up I always felt my dad hated me, and he would whip me three times a week and bully me. and while she was berating me, her colleague repaired my phone. You See her religion is her God, and Jesus told us, we have to forgive to be forgiven, then he said when we judge we will be Judge, maybe her religion will heal her cancer. When were not bless by Jesus, we are under the Curse of the Devil. Remember ignorance of the law, is no excuse. I hope everyone enjoyed the eclipse that God provided. I want everyone to know that he told Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars. This was God’s prophecy told to Abraham. As I saw the eclipse, I thought how awesome this was as a reminder of that prophecy.


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