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The Witness!

In Matthew 22:14, “For many are invited but few are chosen.” Since the beginning of history God has sent witnesses to tell what he is doing! For instance, he used Moses, Noah, Elijah, all the prophets, and all of the disciples.

In my last note I told how the Devil and his fallen Angels were expelled from heaven like John the Revelator had witnessed about and how it would happen in the last days of mercy and grace. Why would God do that? Because he is a loving and merciful God that loves all mankind with compassion for all! And it is His perfect will that none be lost to the to the lake of fire which was created for the devil and his fallen angels. It’s His perfect will that all be saved by the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ.

Our Lord asked me to tell you my qualifications. I would like you to understand that I have an agreement with God’s Holy Spirit that if I would always prepare myself all that I have to do is open my mouth and the Holy Spirit would speak through me. I would always fast and pray and read the Holy Bible when I was an evangelist, and I would often go into a congregation of 200 strangers that I had never seen in my life. I would be able to call out 190 complete strangers and tell them what was wrong with them. That is what the Bible calls the gift of knowledge. The reason God uses this gift is so that people will have faith to be healed. Think, a complete stranger tells you everything you feel and think, and then by the blink of an eye they have faith to be healed. Please understand, I could see their infirmities in my spirit because I was looking through my heart instead of my eyes. You see, in my spirit I could see their infirmity! The reason I know it was the Holy Spirit speaking through me was because a few pastors had asked me if I just sat around and read commentaries. A commentary is a book that Bible scholars come together to write. I would just smile because I knew that I had the original author telling me what to say. God’s Holy Spirit wrote the whole Holy Bible and just let men like me put our names on it like Peter, James, John, Luke, and Mark because we are part of Jesus’ church. The church is the physical body of Jesus. We are also called the fiancé, or intended to married Jesus. Just like the Holy Spirit explained the book of Revelation to John, he also explained it to me. I would see broken bones healed instantly. I saw a finger that was cut off, grow before my eyes. I saw a leg grow 3” before my eyes. That is what I witnessed.

One of the reasons I was never invited back to churches after these healings even when the congregations would often beg me to please come back was because of the pastors. After I would call someone out and tell them what the Lord was showing me, I would touch their forehead with my four finger tips and many would fall out in the Spirit. This is what the Bible calls slain in the Spirit. This would also happen to Jesus, and many of the pastors did not understand. So, they would not invite me back. But look at what it says in Matthew 22:29, “Jesus replied, your mistake is you don’t know the scriptures and you don’t know the power of God.” Understand what God’s Holy Spirit was showing us. He was demonstrating the power of God’s resurrection when they would fall out in the Spirit under God’s mighty power. In most cases I would not even touch them before they fell out in the spirit. But some of the pastors did not understand and thought that I must be a psychic. We must always understand that we live in a spiritual world and the devil always hates the truth. When you preach or tell the truth you will always be hated and that’s why the devil would whisper in these pastor’s ears that I must be a psychic. It would steal God’s glory and give the glory to the devil, because psychic is a form of witchcraft. But God took care of that when He Said in His Holy Bible that a Prophet has to be correct 100% but a psychic will only be correct 20%. I believe my record is 100%.

Now, you know why President Trump is so hated? It’s our carnal nature to dislike anyone who is different or who disagrees with us. In November 2017 I wrote a note titled, IS IT NOT WRITTEN? When I told about hurricane Irma being ready to strike Florida. I asked the Lord how I should pray for this storm. He immediately answered telling me to tell it to turn right 30 degrees, then west 18 degrees. Then I turned on Fox News and watched the projected path of the storm change. I knew about 3 hours before everyone else because I got my world globe out and knew that I had directed it to Canada. I asked the Lord if I misunderstood him. He answered, no I had not. On November 26, 2020, I told my sister that the Lord had just told me that He dispersed Hurricane Irma on the former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell’s back yard because He was trying to show us how dangerous our words. She had hoped Hurricane Dorian would hit President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida. We all must remember that Jesus said do unto others the way you want them to do to you. You see, she just wanted to shake up President Trump, so the Lord thought she needed to be shaken up since that is what she hoped for President Trump. I also thought it was humorous and had to laugh, because I knew it did not do any damage to her property. Just like when Rep Eric Swalwell, the accuser of President Trump, turns out to be the real traitor. I will also laugh when Rep Adam Schiff, Rep Jerry Nadler, and Rep Nancy Pelosi are asked to defend their selves from treason charges. Because they also lied and deceived Americans on President Trump trying to make everyone think he was a traitor. Jesus said, “Judge and you shall be judged.” But what they did was set former President Obama up to be charged with treason because when we can accuse a sitting President with treason it becomes simple to charge a former President. After all, they kept preaching to everyone that no one is above the law, not even the president.

We must understand what God is trying to teach the world from the democrats trying to steal the American elections. There’s an old saying that the cover up is always worse than the original sin. Understand that I wrote a note over 4 years ago that the Democratic party was taking billions of dollars from the drug cartels to buy judges, mayors, city-councils, governors, US congress persons, US senators, state Legislators, and the news medias.

Now, everyone is asking what the Christmas star meant on Monday, December 21, 2020 at sunset. In order for everyone to understand I will have to quote from the book the Holy Spirit had me write in the year 2000, called Prophet of God! Write this down! There is order in Jesus’s Church, the first letter I wrote to seven local churches in the year 2000. The last star we had like this, but a lot smaller was on May 30, 2000, my birthday. The first letter was on the week of Passover. Modern Jews consider Passover a symbol of ceremony of liberation. Recognize that slavery is not limited to physical bondage, but that spiritual slavery and social degradation are no less potent methods of depriving human beings of liberty. Passover means liberation for the entire world, liberation from sin and death! When Jesus sacrificially gave His life on the cross, He became the Passover Lamb. Now, I did not sit down to write this letter on this date. I did not even think about it, but our Lord Jesus Christ did. I want you to notice something else, the Holy Spirit is trying to draw us together. On September 1, notice that Rosh Hashanah, or the feast of the trumpets, falls on Sept 30, 2000. This festival is also known as the day of judgement, when God sits on His throne and determines the destiny of each individual in the year ahead. Also, this is the day on which God created Adam, also known as the birthday of the world. In this book, the Lord was trying to bring His church together in love and unity. The Lord had me write letters to seven local churches asking them to come together in worship and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. They would not honor the Lord’s invitation because they were too busy building their own houses. But there will be a day when Jesus will turn to them and say to those that were too busy building their own house, “away from me, you cursed ones, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his demons.” Because they are just like their father, the devil, he also did not have time for God, because he too was busy building his own kingdom because he wanted to be just like God. The devil decided to steal the worship and praise of Jesus because he wanted to be just like his heavenly father and rule with mercy and grace. You need to understand that Jesus is always generous and giving. He is never selfish, or stingy. Yet, the devil is always selfish. The devil owns our news media. So, now he wants to steal our social media to cut off God’s people from any voice whatsoever from any praise of Jesus.

I know some will think I have been boasting, but I have not because I’m just an ordinary person that was called by God’s Holy Spirit to preach and teach God’s Word. I was very shy but loved Jesus with all my heart for taking my place in death. So, I told the Holy Spirit that I did not know enough about the Holy Bible to preach or teach God’s word. He told me that he would make an agreement with me that if I would always prepare myself in Prayer by reading the Bible daily and fasting that all I had to do is open my mouth and He would speak through me. As I write these notes, I first write them, and then I fact check. Just an example as I quoted from my book that I wrote in 2000 that Rosh Hashanah, the feast of trumpets, is also the day of Adam’s birthday, and also the birthday of the world. I wrote that in faith, then asked the Holy Spirit where that is found in the Bible. He immediately told me that is how I write! The Holy Spirit just speaks to my heart and I write it down in my notes.

ARMAGEDDON THE LAST BATTLE ON EARTH! As I was writing that note, I noticed I was watching the news and not even thinking of what I was doing, my fingers were on my laptop typing away. I thought this was one of the most amazing things I ever saw. It was like my fingers had a mind of their own, and I realized God was using my fingers. Because my fingers were a part of my body and God’s anointing was on my whole body and not just my heart. Then I thought about what the devil does, he always divides us. We are all Jesus’ church with different anointing’s. My anointing was an evangelist with all the gifts that go with that ministry and when any pastor saw it, they thought I should be like them, but they had a different anointing. For instance, I was never good at small talk, but a pastor needed to be able to make small talk. I love to pray and talk to our God, but when you talk to someone and enjoy it, you can’t wait to talk to them again. Look at Ephesians 4:11-12. The bottom line of the book, “Prophet of God write this down” would be after Jesus prayed just before going to the cross, ‘that we love one another.’ The devil sent an illusion into the world, that there are many ways to go to heaven; by being good, by shaking hands with the preacher, by buying your way, by belonging to a certain denomination, but the Holy Bible makes it clear there is only one! We all must accept Jesus Christ as God’s sacrificial lamb. Most people don’t realize how much God hurt when Jesus went to the cross, but He hurt like any loving father would. The devil wants to put everyone’s attention on ceremony, and take the attention of Jesus. I didn’t know, I thought everyone was just like me and loved everyone and wanted everyone to prosper in Jesus. But we have wolves dressed like sheep, because Jesus said we would have many false prophets and false teachers in the last days. I think denominations were designed to divide Jesus’ church.

Notice Revelation 17, the great prostitute John is talking about our government. Notice how the democrats are using the same tactics that have been used against the church for centuries. First, they use nationality, skin pigment, and we make sport teams change their names because someone might be offended. Then they tried to defund our police. Next, it will be our military. I don’t know how many times I have referred to our police and our military as agents of God to protect us from evil. If it had not been for the brave young men in my Dad’s generation, we would be speaking German. The Germans had a man that wanted to be in charge just like Satan. He too wanted to rule the world. We have another man that is on the horizon. He will also come from Europe. You see, Satan has to weaken America, so he can come to power.

As I write this note, the house and senate is preparing a spending bill. I would like everyone to know, it is not a sin to disagree but it a sin to be disagreeable. Rep Nancy Pelosi and the democrats have been plotting how to fill it with pork to keep President Trump from signing it. This way she can go to the American people to show how uncaring he is, because he would not sign a covid-19 bill. In 2018 he said he would not ever sign a bill like that again. When you try to manipulate someone, that is a form of witchcraft. Now, so everyone can understand, we never know how anyone will react in a crisis. President Trump wants to give $2000 and Nancy wants to give $600 to everyone for covid-19. Remember me telling you how the drug cartels were paying the democratic party billions to smuggle drugs and people into the USA, this is it. They are scared. That is why they have lied so much, and tried to steal our election. That is why President Trump cannot get any satisfaction in the courts. The Democrats orchestrated this election theft, but they forgot one large thing, God in Heaven. They thought of hiring Eric Coomer the brain child of Dominion voting machines. He was also the one who attacked me in my dream in my driveway at my home that I told you about in the note, The Unveiling. He is also one of the leaders of the Anarchist.

I hope everyone enjoyed the ‘Witness star’ on December 21, 2020. It is a witness to everyone that Jesus is coming soon for His Church. It’s a spiritual body that loves all God’s creation and all people everywhere and has forgiven all that has offended them.

Some think I was boasting on myself but I’m not. I’m boasting on the Mercy and Grace of Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus changed my name to Witness 56 years ago because I had done nothing to see and witness everything I have seen. I told you how the democratic party, the great prostitute, owns our political system and our courts, so God will intervene, because they have taken our rights away in our courts. In the note The Unveiling, I told how Hugh Jordan, and the insurance adjuster, would soon be diagnosed with stomach cancer because our rights are from God and not from men. Our covid-19 rates have gone up all over our nation, but let me remind you of my last note where I told how a democratic billionaire’s supporters paid college students to open and distribute soda cans that acted like grenades in 8 states with covid-19, the way you can tell is because it is a different strain that works faster.

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