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Why gain the world and lose your soul?

It has always amazed me how history will always repeat itself. Jesus had just turned over all the tables, and taken a whip cord and drove the money changers from the Temple saying, “It is written, My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.” In John 2:17, His disciples remembered (in Psalms 69:9) His zeal for God’s house. You see Jesus was fulfilling Bible prophecy, but the devil and his demons did not care. The only thing they thought about was, “We have him now!” The devil and his demons knew they could work up the leaders of Israel to kill Jesus over this. They knew they would not let him take their bribes and let Him cut into their selling pigeons, doves and sheep a dozen times to be sacrificed at the altar of the Temple.

To help you understand, I am going to change the name of Pharisee to Democrat, the name Scribe to the news media and the name Roman centurion to the MS13 gangs. I would like to make it clear that not all Democrats nor all Pharisee’s or scribes, or news media are bad people, but are going along with their leaders. Are we supposed to believe a political party who believes in murdering unborn babies in lieu of contraception could care enough for their fellow man to help them? So, it has to be money. Most detectives will tell you, follow the money. Remember Judas Iscariot who walked and talked with Jesus, sold his soul for politics. Most people think that America’s fight over immigration is about immigration, but it has nothing to do with immigration, it’s about Bible prophecy. John wrote in Revelation 13:16, “and he called all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Ever since the beginning of time, the devil has wanted to rule all men, to be their God, to punish them, to abuse them with no interference from God, that old softy God that cuddles mankind who wants only the best for them. God has set a time after his church’s rapture off the earth when he will allow Satan to rule all men for seven years. The Bible says that at no time in all of history will it be so bad. It will be so bad, man will beg to die.

When you put illegal drugs and human trafficking together you have an industry in the trillions of dollars. And the cartels have found that the cheapest way of transporting both humans and drugs are by buying politicians. They own mayors, city councils, state senators, governors, US senators, US representatives, judges, and news medias and because the money was funneled through the Democrat party even the Atty. Gen. and the DOJ under Pres. Obama was involved in it. Let me remind everyone, evil prospers when good people do nothing. I’ve said many times the Constitution of the United States was divinely written. Because under the constitution every individual has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Under section 10 it is prohibited. In Europe there is a world dictator ready to take power, and soon after taking power he will compel all people in all countries to accept a computer chip on their right hand or their forehead to be able to buy, sell, or trade. Only under the Constitution he cannot compel any citizen of the US to do so. So, he must do away with our Constitution. He thought President Trump would be defeated at the polls, but because of God; it did not happen. About a month and a half before WikiLeaks exposed Hillary and her campaign, the Holy Spirit had told me and I wrote about it in one my notes. You see, the Democrats bought and paid for Hillary to be elected. They just forgot one thing, there is a God in heaven! I was not allowed to write about this, because the Lord did not want to split the nation, he did not want people judging other people, because we live in mercy and grace. We have to forgive and understand how deceptive the devil is. We all can be deceived at times. I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said, “You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” I would like to add you can never fool God, for he is all-knowing. His prophets wrote about the outcome thousands of years ago and I am able to write about this at this time, because Satan has pulled out all the stops to overthrow the government of the United States. The Lord wants me to tell his church, so they can pray for President Trump and the United States. Let me warn all those who hate the Constitution and President Trump that we have a law, and it is called treason. Under the law of treason, you can be executed. I would like to make one more observation, how did Hillary spend twice as much money as President Trump on five-dollar donations from the Democrats donors? Because that is impossible. In order to prove what I’m saying, I’m asking everyone to use a little common sense. Why do all Democrat senators and representatives all vote just like their leadership? Because they know they cannot be reelected without them and they think that it’s their leadership that has elected them and not the people at home. Warning to all of God’s church: We cannot hold grudges or have hard feelings, we must forgive all who have sinned against us in order to be forgiven ourselves. If we don’t forgive, we tie God’s hands. Example, the senator race in Alabama: God’s hands were tied because Roy Moore held hard feelings because the Republican leadership in the senate spent barrels of money to keep Roy Moore from being elected. When we don’t forgive, we are no different than the devil’s children. How can we expect God to choose between two non-believers? If you read my note to Jesus’s church in Alabama you will see that I wrote that I believed Roy Moore was innocent, and that it was not about Roy Moore, but it was about Jesus’s church in Alabama. Under our Constitution we are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Since the defeat of Roy Moore, we have had four Republican senators approached with bribes to vote against the latest tax bill.

Most of us were devastated by the acquittal of a man that was deported five times and shot and killed Kate Steinle, 32 years old, on June 16, 2015, as she walked along a pier with her father in San Francisco, a sanctuary city. Soon after the acquittal, the mayor came out taunting President Trump how they would always be a sanctuary city. My heart goes out to the Steinle family. I also have a beautiful 31-year-old granddaughter and I know how hard it must be. I want you to know that soon this arrogant and prideful mayor will be crying and wishing that he had never heard the word sanctuary, because there is a God in heaven and He is a holy God and hates pride and arrogance. I wrote in my book that sin is a whip to a nation. My heart also goes out to the young 14 and 15-year-old girls and boys that are forced from their homes, and brought to America to be used as prostitutes, laborers and slaves. I know this mayor thanks he’s invincible, but he’s not! Just like all the politicians that are now being charged with the same thing that Roy Moore was charged with, God knows where all the bodies are buried. It’s up to you, if you want him showing the world where the bodies are buried and getting charges brought up against you. I know you think nobody knows, because they can’t follow cash, but what you don’t know is God has ways of helping you get caught. Do you think these wildfires in California are just a coincidence? I think it’s funny when men think they are smarter than God. I know some will think that this is my opinion, and everyone has one. I would like everyone to know, I’m not religious, I am not political, and when I was an evangelist I would go into churches of approximately 200 people and tell approximately 190 of them things that only God could tell them. Most would say there is no way you could know that, and they were right because I’m just an ordinary man. Only I have the Holy Spirit living in my heart. I was using the gift of knowledge that the Holy Spirit gave me. One time when I was a pastoring, a stranger came in and I told him he had a bad heart. He said he did not. I replied to him to please let us pray for you anyway, but he said no. After the service, when they were leaving the church building, his wife whispered in my ear that he had had open-heart surgery a short time earlier, and she didn’t know why he said that. A few weeks went by and his wife called me, and wanted me to pray for him because he was in intensive care suffering from a massive heart attack. I told her that I would, but also warned her that we all have to accept God’s healings when God’s offering. After praying, the Holy Spirit told me that he had blasphemed against the Holy Spirit when he had said no. The man thought no man could know that, and he had just received a clean bill of health from his doctor. You see what little he knew about God, he wanted to believe that God would not allow some man to know that. He was too busy to read the Bible. He died a short time later. He was just like the people in Jesus’s home town. Why would God let some man with less than a 100-people congregation know that? So, I would like everyone to know that I am not special, but just a man that read the Bible and believed everything in it. My ministry was given to me by the mercy and grace of God to lift up and glorify Jesus Christ. He is the only one who gave His life so all could be saved. God does not think more of me than anyone else, not more than the piano player, the usher, the song leader, or the person sitting in the pew, or anyone else that has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We all are the body of Jesus Christ. I have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. My nickname by the Holy Spirit is music. I asked one day why He called me music. I have no musical ability. He replied, “Every time you would see a miracle you would audibly gasp (Ahh’s) in awe with your mouth wide open and that was music to me.” I never had faith to heal broken bones, or grow limbs, only by the mercy and grace of God was I able to see those miracles.

I want to tell you about a man in my book, Prophet of God, Write This Down. That was told to me by the Holy Spirit. Some will thank it is a parable, but I believe parables are true stories. The story is about a man named Zodak. He was 42 years old and from a family of one sister and two brothers. They were an average family living in Jerusalem. Zodak in his own mind was was a little smarter than his fellow man. God blessed him with a quick mind. Things of God came easily to him. He could tell anyone what God was thinking. He could tell any fool how to get into heaven. He knew the way like the back of his hand. He arose one Tammuz, or June day, and hurried to eat. After eating, he put on baggy clothes and put dirt on his face, so everyone who saw him would think he was fasting and praying for Israel. He then put on his prayer clothes, which he was very proud of. His tassels on the hems were longer than everyone else’s. Moses had commanded that tassels be attached with a blue cord to the hem of their clothes to remind them of the commandments of the Lord. He then strutted down the street. He was very proud of the way people looked at him. He knew they were thinking what a great leader he was, how he knew the laws of God, and how holy he was. He was always fasting and praying out loud. He knew in his own mind that they thought he was just as important as Moses. He was the first one to arrive at the Temple, so he began to pray so he could impress others as they arrived to pray, but no one came. Soon, he stopped praying and went out of the Temple into the street and asked, where is everyone? He was told about this prophet of God, named Jesus, who was healing all the people that were afflicted. He was making blind people see, and crippled people walk. There was nothing He couldn’t do. He even explained the Torah just like He wrote it. Zodak become very upset after hearing this news. He thought to himself, how could this be, surely the chief priest would have sent this man with a letter to me, so I could have introduced him to the people. That way I could have some credit for bringing this man to Jerusalem. I will go directly to the chief priest, and asked about this prophet named Jesus, and find out why I was not informed. As he approached the house of the high priest, he could hear loud noises. Men’s voices were crying out, shouting and yelling. The name Jesus could be heard in the shouting. He went into the house and no one even noticed that he had arrived. He sat down and listened. They were talking about this carpenter’s son, named Jesus. They were all upset that He had called them vipers, snakes, sons of Satan, who does He think he is? He is a Nobody! He talks to us like we are just plain men, like we know nothing. About that time, one of the rulers named Nicodemus spoke up. He said, “Please listen, I have been to see this man, and He is no ordinary man. No man can do what He does without God!” Some of the leaders told Nicodemus to shut up. The chief priests began to talk. He told his followers that it didn’t matter, because they are the rightful leaders of Israel, and it is obvious this man has to be a fraud. He has to be using tricks of the devil. They have to stop him before he deceives all of Israel. He said I don’t know about you, but I kind of like being chief priest. At that time Asa spoke up. He started out by saying he was the leader of the synagogue of Nazareth and he knows this Jesus. “I have known him since he was a young boy and I would like to add that He was always very bright. He was always interested in the things of God. He was always wise. He could explain the Scriptures better than anyone I know. I did not know that He was a prophet, but maybe we should listen to Him. I know He’s a very good man.” Then three men came running into the meeting yelling at the top of their lungs that Jesus had gone crazy. He was turning over tables in the temple and yelling how they had desecrated his father’s house. Everyone was very upset, they could’ve killed Jesus right then. Nicodemus spoke up asking if they remembered the Scripture that says the Messiah would be very zealous for God’s house, and it would be his undoing! There was shouting, telling Nicodemus to sit down, this drunker may fool you, but he can’t fool us, who know the Scriptures. The high priest spoke again. That does it! We can’t let this lunatic keep going. He decided to take away all our money. Do you know how much money we make exchanging money for a Temple shackle and selling cattle, sheep, and doves for sacrifice? This is the last straw. I have heard enough, we are going to have to kill him. After all it is better that one man die than a whole nation. Shortly after, Jesus was crucified on the cross and ascended to heaven to sit at his heavenly father’s right hand. All his followers had been baptized in the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Zodak died and went to hell. It was totally dark. Zodak could not see his hand in front of his face. He could hear moaning, groaning and gnashing of teeth. He thought, where am I? In an instant he knew that he was in hell. He thought he was supposed to be in Abraham’s bosom. A demon yelled at him, “You fool! You thought you were so intelligent. You thought you knew so much. Have you not read that God resists the proud?” Zodak replied, “But I follow the law to the letter!” The demon spoke, “But you’re also a liar and hypocrite. Let’s look at the law that you kept so well, you fool. In the Torah in Deuteronomy 4:2 it says do not add other laws or subtract from these, just obey them, for they are your Lord your God. You must have thought you were Moses, the way you kept adding to the laws. Look at the first commandment, never worship any God but me. Second commandment, never make idols, don't worship images, whether of birds, animals, or fish. You shall not bow down to any images nor worship them in any way, for I am a jealous God and I will bring the curse of a father’s sinsstraw. upon even the third generation of the children of those who hate me; but I will show kindness to 1000 generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. Let’s look at how you broke the first two Commandments. Your intellect and your religion were your God. You were in love with your religion and you bowed down to it, and worshiped it. Look how you broke the third commandment, you must never use my name to make a vow you don’t intend to keep. You used God’s name to collect money from the poor, but used it on yourself. The fourth commandment, keep the Sabbath day holy. You thought not working on the Sabbath was holy, but showing kindness to your fellow man is holy. You would see a man in distress and you would walk away, because you said this is a holy day and I must rest. The fifth commandment, honor your father and mother, if you do so you shall have a long and prosperous life. You lorded your position over them and made them feel inferior to you. When they needed help, you would say I’m praying for you, instead of helping them. The sixth commandment, you must not murder. By adding to the laws and saying that these are the laws of God you were murdering God’s people who were trying to follow God’s commandments. The seventh commandment, you must not commit adultery. By worshiping a religion instead of God, you were committing adultery. The eighth commandment, you must not steal. By adding to God’s laws, you are stealing God’s praises. By worshiping religion, you are stealing God’s praises, by taking God’s tithes and offerings you are stealing, by wanting people to think more highly of you than they should have, you stole God’s Lordship. The ninth commandment, you must not tell lies. You lied when you added to God’s laws and said this is what God said. You lied when you were claiming to be a leader of God’s people. You were a liar when you prayed aloud in public, saying you were praying to God when you were just trying to impress others. You were a liar when you said you were fasting, and were not. You were lying when you said God said this or that. This is why people hate God’s prophets because of you hypocrites. The tenth commandment, you must not burn with desire for another man’s wife, nor envy him for his home, land, servants, oxen, donkeys nor anything else he owns. You burn with lust for a higher position. You wanted to be worshiped like God. You wanted to be Lord of all people. You wanted to tell them what to do and how to do it. You wanted to wear garments like a king. You wanted people to think how holy you were.”

After the demon just about finished why Zodak should be in hell, Zodak spoke up and said, “Everything you said is true, but I’m a child of God. Surely, a loving God would not send me to hell!” The demon said, “God did not send you. You sent yourself by disobeying his commandments.” Zodak: “But I meant well, I thought I was doing the right thing in my own eyes. How can anyone get into heaven?” Demon: “It is impossible by yourself! That is why God sent his Holy Spirit!” Zodak: “But if it is impossible without God’s Holy Spirit, why did God not give it to me?” Demon: “Because to God you were vulgar, proud, and because of your sins you were a stench to God’s nostrils.” Zodak: “But I can’t help it! What can I do?” Demon: “If you would’ve had that attitude when you were alive, you could’ve been saved.” Zodak: “Maybe when the Messiah comes he will save me!” Demon: “You know that Jesus that you helped crucify? He was the Messiah.” Zodak: “How could that be? He was not riding on a white stallion!?” Demon: “That is why I called you such a fool. You only read what you wanted to see in the Torah. You ignored the rest. If you would’ve read all the prophecies, you would have read that he was coming as a servant to give up his life for all who would receive him. You see, man had to be ransomed from Satan. You and all mankind belong to Satan, so Christ had to come and be crucified on the cross and take the place of all mankind. Then the second time he will come riding on a white stallion, and set up his kingdom on earth and reign with power and authority.” Zodak: “Who are you?” Demon: “My name is Legion, chief of demons.” Zodak: “How do you know so much about me?” Demon: “I was in charge of the demons that influenced you, and who deceived you.” Zodak: “Why should I believe you now? You just told me that you deceived me and lied to me.” Demon: “I can tell you the truth now because there is nothing you can do about it. You had your chance when you were living. To tell you the truth, now is your torment. All you have to do now is think of what you should have done different, and know that God is merciful, but because of your pride, you could not receive mercy. I want you to know that if you had been a peasant and uneducated and unable to read, God would have sent someone to teach you about the Messiah, Jesus Christ. You were given a great intellect and God’s own word from his prophets, but you chose to read what you wanted to hear from God’s word. There are over 300 different prophecies about the Messiah, but you chose to go along with the rest of your religious zealots and ignore the prophet’s teachings. If you had looked, there has never been another man that could have fulfilled God’s prophecies about the Messiah. Here are just a few of the prophecies that the Messiah had to fulfill: He had to come from the seed of a woman instead of the seed of a man. He had a bloodline that He had to follow. First, the lineage of Shim continuing down to the year 2000 BC Abraham out of Ur. Then Isaac, then Jacob, then the tribal Judah, line of Jesse was a divine choice. The house of David’s prophecy dating 1012 BC predicted the Messiah’s hands and feet would be pierced and He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, and it would be cast on the floor of the Temple and be used to buy a potter’s field. If you had studied the prophecies, you would have seen that the Messiah had to be put on the cross at a certain time. He had to be buried at a certain time and raised from the dead at a certain time. He had to send the Holy Spirit to man at a certain time. Only one man fulfilled these prophecies and that was Jesus Christ! I want you to think about this. From time to time I will send my staff of demons to tell you more, until you are judged before the great white throne of Jesus Christ and cast into a lake of fire. There is one more thing I would like you to think about, Jesus Christ is God and He is a perfect judge. He is all ominous. He knows your every thought, your every deed. Whereas, we, as demons, only know what we see.”

As the demon, Legion, departed, Zodak began to cry in terror, yelling, and weeping.

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